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  1. I got my code and I'm getting an error message when I input it.  I even typed out all 30 characters.  I guess I need to email Beat back and see if they can give me a new code or something. 

    Edit - maybe I have it already?  I'm seeing it in my downloads.  

  2. 1 hour ago, Vernon Barnes said:

    I have been faffing about wondering if I should update Cubase fro 9.5 to 10.5 on the current deal (or possibly 11 if delaying the activation works the way people say it does).  I tried Studio One at the time of the Gibson debacle but did not care for it, particularly the MIDI functions (I use MIDI the most). I am sure its come on leaps and bounds since then.

    I seldom use Cubase and much of it remains a mystery and I have kept using Cakewalk  almost exclusively but I have the feeling I should learn another DAW in case there is a Bandlab debacle in the future, now I am wondering if I should look at Studio One again before deciding on a Cubase upgrade.

    Coming from Cakewalk, I find Studio One easier to use.  That said, I still use ProTools the most and Cubase second (only because of the chord track - I love the chord track)  But I can sit down with Studio One and write something faster than with Cubase.  I really need to figure out how to get the Studio One version of chord track to work - as in watching the videos at the same time I am at the computer.  It isn't as good as Cubase, but doing midi in Studio One is easier for me than Cubase, if that makes sense.  

  3. 3 minutes ago, TerraSin said:

    I'll give it a go later on. I know a lot of people will be pissed if there is no grace period since they just had a sale.

    Sometimes the stuff bought on sale doesn't get the grace period.  But they won't know if you didn't buy directly from them. 

  4. 1 minute ago, TerraSin said:

    The whole bundle came with the code to 4.5 and a midi keyboard controller for $127

    I just got the bundle - and I bought it for the Groove3 pass.  If you got an upgrade code, I would try it.  Potentially, you still have to pay for the upgrade to 5, but you never know.  I don't know if Presonus has grace periods.

  5. Just now, TerraSin said:

    The bundle came with an upgrade code to 4.5 so it would be like I bought the upgrade to 4.5 which should be part of a grace period.

    Can't hurt to try.  I'm guessing you paid full price on it rather than the cheap discount version I got. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Piotr said:

    It is true it is also letting to split expanses... but still.. it is only subscription... no new very exiting product... something what is game changer in workflow...

    It is game changer for some people about economy...  So I am disappointed...  I expected a new great hardware, maybe with dsp integrated letting to move cpu load from pc, minimize latency or so...  kind of luna thing (using studio one with dedicated but affordable hw for dsp power)...

    Well, there is a new hardware thing, but they didn't talk about it that I saw.  

    I think the live stuff might be a game-changer for some people.  Just not for me.  It seems directed towards the Ableton crowd other than the Notion integration, which is nice.  Not really a game changer though.  

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  7. 2 hours ago, Soundwise said:

    I wonder what you can do with Cubase, that you can't with CbB? Been toying with the idea to get Cubase Pro or at least upgrade to the latest Elements.

    It depends on what you want to do.  I use the chord track a lot.  There are a lot of midi things like expression maps and chord structures, a lot of which is more useful if you do orchestration.  It also can handle a large number of tracks.  I mean, I heard of someone who had a template with close to 1,000 tracks. 

    I don't really used CbB, but I've used Sonar for years.  I understand the current version is an upgrade from Platinum without the added content?  It does most things fine as long as you don't try to do huge track counts.  You get a lot of additional content with Cubase.  And, Cubase is a bit of a pain coming from another DAW.  Setting it up is complicated at times.  Everything is VST, even the audio.  You have to enable tracks before it will accept midi - as in if you just open the editor and draw in midi, it won't play.  Recording it in does enable it, otherwise you have to highlight the whole track - or what I do is set the flags at top to farther apart than my planned piece - in order to hear the midi.  Those are the main things that bother me coming from Sonar. 

    I think you can get a trial to see if you like it.  Otherwise, I found Studio One to be a much easier to use DAW coming from Sonar and ProTools.  

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  8. On 7/2/2020 at 3:15 PM, locrian said:

    I'm hoping that version 11 will finally deliver the much needed (and requested) bug fixes, stability and productivity improvements.

    Matthias Quellmann seems to have hinted that may be the case in this post:




    LOL! I hear this every update.  Not sure it is possible.  Cubase is built on old technology.  They would probably restart from the ground up if they really wanted to fix everything - or so I've heard from a number of people.  Same for ProTools.  That's why everyone was hoping Studio One would work out better, since it was like a redo of Cubase (started by old Cubase programmers.) 

    And?  10 has been pretty stable for me. 

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