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  1. Is Zinio getting the English version?  Not that I need Ozone Elements.  I think I would just prefer dealing with them over dealing with Falkmedia. 

    Edit:  okay, looks like they get it also.  I will probably wait until it comes out in English.  :)

  2. 3 hours ago, Magic Russ said:

    For me, the problem is not so much space as much as it is organization.   Trying to find the best loops and one shots can be a challenge.   I really should check out some of the sample grouping tools.


    Then when it comes to instrument libraries there are too many cases where I am not sure if something is worth saving. 

    I have a whole bunch of loops I've collected over the years.  I never use them because it just takes too much time to go through them all to figure out what I like. So they usually sit in a backup drive.  I would love a good organizer tool.  The only one I found that seemed decent is Apple only.  Or was Apple only.  The reviews on the Windows ones were never very good. 

    ProTools Workspace makes auditioning loops somewhat easier.  Plus if you import through the workspace and they are Apple/Rex/Acid loops, Elastic Audio is enabled on them, making it easier to change tempo, keys, etc...  If I could get them a little better organized, I might actually use them.  


  3. If you drag it into your project, it usually gets copied into your project folder, which should be on a fast drive, whether 7200 RPM or SSD.  If it doesn't copy, you could be in trouble later if the drive isn't available.  Believe me, you want it all together.  I've opened old projects and found audio is gone because I didn't save them correctly.  Trying to recreate them can be impossible. 

  4. 15 hours ago, Paul Young said:

    UJAM products

    We're not limiting the number of authorizations. Our license lets you install and run our products on multiple computers of yours. It also allows multiple users on ONE single machine but it does not allow for multiple users on multiple computers.

    I've never had a problem with UJam through multiple hardware changes.  Works great. 

  5. 21 minutes ago, aidan o driscoll said:

    Thanks guys,

    What i am talking about is sample packs like from loopmasters and all that .. So 1000's of sample files that you might occasionally use only. Dumping those to an external USB Drive would be fine? and then just drag across the samples you want for a project rather than opening from within CW live? 

    Yes,  And you don't need a fancy drive for this because you shouldn't be streaming these, unlike say a Kontakt library.  

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  6. I have about 3 external HDD's that I keep various libraries on.  All are 7200 RPM in USB3 enclosures.  My Kontakt drive is all nicely organized and is mostly non-player libraries.  And now I have 4 1TB drives that usually have my bigger orchestral libraries on them (library tab libraries so I don't have to worry about looking for them) - things that bog down on a spinning drive.  I have a lot of libraries.  Also, you can pretty much fill library drives.  Since you normally only write a library once and then just read, you don't need the extra space usually required for a drive to function. 

    The "back-up" drives you buy at places like Costco are great for storing stuff you aren't using and back-up.  But I wouldn't try to use them for any actual streaming applications.  They would work for loops where you pull them into your project folder to actually play. 

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  7. I like Audio Thing's instruments.  I was playing with Glass the other day. 

    And now I have another copy of Trash.  Actually, I think I also now have another copy of Carbon....

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  8. 37 minutes ago, antler said:


    The 'You Save' bit almost looks like a PA subscription sales pitch 😜

    On a slightly more serious note, do the instruments tend to move into the 'lesser' editions as they get older? e.g. ARKHIS is only in CE - if we wait long enough, might it eventually get included in Ultimate (and then Standard after even more time)?

    Haven't seen that happen yet.  The Ultimate items haven't yet showed up in the standard edition.  I'm thinking it will be the same for the CE stuff. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, BassDaddy said:

    Yup, I have an Ultimate from a while ago but the last 2, I just upgraded Komplete. Good SSD space isn't free and needs to be considered.

    And this is why I still have spinning drives.  Lots of spinning drives.  With all the stuff I use almost never.  But there just in case.  :)

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  10. I do use the Kontakt instruments.  Mostly the ones that come with Ultimate, not the ones that come with standard Komplete.  So Ultimate was probably worth it.  And at half price, KU13 CE is probably worth it to me......  I've been waiting for Noire for a while.....

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  11. 2 minutes ago, simon said:

    I think they (and customers) factor that in - You need to work out if the stuff you do use is worth the money...or upgrade price.    Don't be blinded by the masses of stuff on offer no matter how good it is...if you ain't gonna use it

    (^^^^ I NEVER live by that myself...now where's my credit card ?)


    I'm the same.,,,,,,  😉

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  12. The do add a lot of stuff in these bundles.  Problem is? I don't want/use half of it.  I think I opened Massive X once.  Same with Massive. I don't use any of the expansions.  How do they even work? 

    I really wanted the Quartet and Arkhis, so I will wait until the sale because I will have to update to CE. 

    It is kind of sad they put all this stuff in their bundles and people only use maybe a third of it, depending on the type of music they make. 


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