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  1. On 4/29/2020 at 12:21 AM, tom said:

    Just to confirm that you need the full N4 commercial edition for these to work, not the free N4 player.

    His compressors are the best imo even compared to all the acquas. RA6 for tons of character as well as Sum100. Opto3a and U76 for great LA2A/3A and 1176 emulations. Actually can’t go wrong with any of it, tapes are amazing and  best ITB distortion is SCS power distortion 

    Yes, I got the full version last year during one of the 70% off sales.  Great deal, but I haven't really used it much.  Thanks for the recommendations.  I will try one or two.  

  2. But I've always used Reason in another DAW.  Just not as a VST.  But since I mostly use it in ProTools, I've just stuck with 10 and haven't bothered upgrading yet.  

  3. Part of me wants to buy it because it is a great deal and all.  But they all sound alike to me.  And like all the other drone/soundscape libraries I have and never use.  And maybe it's that the sound file they have to listen to doesn't do the sounds justice.  I can't tell. 

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  4. 3 hours ago, simon said:


    thank you Larry :)   I should bookmark that 

    my method is to try everything and see what is best

    This! I regularly buy there and still forget which is better.  

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  5. These are normally 5400 RPM drives that aren't good for running samples.  Also because of the size, it will really make it slow if you are running more than couple tracks from it. (platter drives can only read one thing at a time)  Depends on the size of the buffer though.  Great for back up and maybe for your movie collection.  I may have to pick one up since I swear I have more than 8 TBs of Kontakt libraries.  I keep filling my back up drives. 



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  6. What I usually do is buy the "Custom Pak" from a outside vendor like JRR.  You can't buy it from XLN if you already own AD2.  It has AD2 plus your choice of 3 drum sets, 3 midi paks and 3 kit pieces.  It is a great deal.  I've done it twice in the past without a problem. 

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  7. Just as a note, if you buy Byome, you are eligible for the upgrade to Triad for $49.  Although this is more than $29, if you use your $25 monthly voucher, if is only $24.  But you will use your voucher.  

    Of course, if you get $50 vouchers, this won't work.  Something to think about.

    Also, you can, or at least you used to be able to put your activations on a USB stick.  I had it on my Waves stick and it worked well.  I don't know if it is still possible though.   But it did make it easy to switch computers. 

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  8. 30 minutes ago, Pseudopop said:

    Well what's the point of having two codes at all, then? I guess it wasn't like that from the start? No wonder no one was interested in my codes... 🤦‍♂️

    The first two codes used on an account don't seem to be a problem.  It was just when we tried using more than the two that the A/B became a problem.  

  9. 3 minutes ago, Christian Jones said:

    What is this "A" code shenanigans you guys are on about? 

    Codes have either an "A" or a "B"  i.e. FEB-29-B-xxxxxxx or FEB-29-A-xxxxxxx   the A codes are reusable.  The B's are not and if you have used one B code, you can't use another. 

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  10. 1 minute ago, Piotr said:

    I have heard some rumors there is to be announced such plugin and it will be really affordable. Release date is 1. April ;)

    It is really cool plugin so if you have nothing similar to be used in your DAW you can bravely go for it ;)

    Yes, all the best plugins come out on April 1st for some reason.  I just don't understand it...  ☺️

    I might have to get it.  I thought I had Mastering the Mix's Reference, but can seem to see that I bought it.  Probably just thought about it.  Probably wouldn't hurt to get it.  Will check to see if it is easy to use.  Though for $29, can't really miss. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Fleer said:

    In the end I think I won’t get off the fence. Not even for bx_oberhausen. 

    Edith: good boy. Sit. 

    But you NEED  something ANYTHING!   

    No, just kidding.  You probably need less than I do.  Or maybe not. 😏

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  12. 5 minutes ago, Piotr said:

    Welcome to GAS infected community ;)

    LOL! I have had GAS for years.  Hence the too much stuff, not enough use.  I keep hoping one will be a miracle sound gooderizer that will make all my tracks sound perfect!  Still waiting.  😫  😄


    The only thing I'm kind of still thinking about is the Metric AB, but I think I may have something like that already.  Though I think it is a standalone.  I need to look.

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  13. 1 minute ago, Fleer said:

    I’m convincing myself all Plugin Alliance plug-ins will soon return at $4 each. 

    I always thought that was an unsustainable policy.  $29 is reasonable (as is the $14 I've been recently spending with my vouchers and sales)  

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  14. Part of me would love another code to get the Lindell 80 Series.  Because I really really need another channel strip.  😲

    I picked up the Shadow Hills A and the Focusrite Console with my 2.  And used my Feb voucher to get DSM V3, as it was only $49 pre voucher for me.  Don't know if that was the normal upgrade price or something special.  The GAS part wants more, the logical part says you need it like you need another hole in your head. 😉


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  15. The plan was I have everything I need.  But maybe if a great deal comes along for something really interesting......


    There seems to be a lot of "great deals" on "something really interesting".  Sigh.   

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