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  1. alright thank you all it must be musescore I'll try to fix it.
  2. Yeah when I imported it again to musescore it was different... but I don't know where the change happened...
  3. I'm not sure... where can i check that?
  4. yeah I think you're right the imported file looked different from the original... take a look, the original is the one that says Sidon. and also in the midi track it was the same...
  5. Is this what you mean by bpm? If so it's the same they'r both 150... Also in the image it shows what I mean. they were supposed to go all the way since the 3 notes are whole yet they end soon and with different timings...
  6. Yes I did think about that possibility... but in previous project it sustained the note, and it works when I press the midi controler.
  7. Hey What's up? So I exported a midi file from a music notation software. I went to Cakewalk, opened Spitfire's Soft Piano VST and imported that same midi file to it. When I started listening to it I noticed that whole notes were always cut earlier than they were supposed to... I also noticed that when I had chords the different notes would end in a sequence and not together... Ex: I've a chord with 3 notes that is supposed to last for 4 measures. The first note ends in half a measure the other one in 1 measure and the other one in 1 measure and a half... Can someone Help Me? It's happening with other vsts to I think It's something with the DAW itself... I checked again and in the end there is a part where there is a whole note and it played correctly... I 'm starting to get confused here...
  8. Aight i did but it didn't work still...
  9. yes! in the beggining i thougth that was the problem but i don't think it is...
  10. hey! I recently intalled a couple of grand piano vst s. Cakewalk found them but whenever i try to enter the instrument itself this happens... can someone please help me?
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