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  1. "Show and edit MIDI automation on Instrument tracks Instrument tracks can now show and edit MIDI automation" Yay, that's killer. Looking forward to trying that out. Now that this is implemented, are there still any disadvantages of using an Instrument track instead of the usual MIDI+Audio combo?
  2. Ah, I see, so assuming there'd be a 2020.03, 2020.05 - 2020.05 would let me rollback to 2020.03, then from 2020.03 I'd be able to rollback to 2020.01, correct?
  3. So, if I have 2019.09, install 2020.04 and find out that something is not working, my only "official" option is to go back to 2020.01, which might have the same issue... I hope "rollback to what *I* had" is in the works Keep it up.
  4. Will they rollback to the previous released version or the version that I had installed? For instance, I'm on 2019.09 ATM. If I install 2020.04 and decide to rollback will it rollback to 2020.01 (previous release) or 2019.09 (the one that I had)?
  5. Pardon this slight OT and a more general question: Why there cannot be MIDI automation on the Simple Instrument Tracks? Is this by design? Are there plans to bring MIDI automation to Simple Instrument Tracks? I mean... that would've simplified my projects so many times, I could've probably cut the number of tracks by ≈⅓.
  6. @msmcleod Pardon the interruption, but is there an archive of Focusrite drivers available somewhere? The beta.focusrite link only provides the newest beta version I presume? Or am I missing something?
  7. @Noel Borthwick As an owner of a 6i6 (v2) - that's impressive! Couple of questions: 1. What Maximizer settings (which algorithm and what amount of transient recovery) are you running there? 2. What buffer size would you have to otherwise set in the current public build of CbB? Is it a 32 -> 16 improvement or, say, 128 -> 16? 3. Which Focusrite driver version is it on? 4. Which version of Windows 10 is this? 1803? 1809? 1903?
  8. Could you elaborate a bit more about the "changing buffer size while CbB is open"? What exactly is the issue and what are the workarounds? Thanks!
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