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  1. Hi, So as the topic hints, I have 3 questions: 1. How can I change my midi drum tracks view so they will look like the different bars (like those appearing on the bottom in the piano role). All I see are vertical lines. See the attached image. 2. Is there a way to do a human touch kind of quantizing or is it "all or none" kind of thing? 3. I have a Acer Predator laptop computer. It's a pretty strong gamers' computer but it still seem to not be able to handle to cakewalk and I need to restart cakewalk or the computer a lot. Any way to help this? Thanks
  2. I can't believe it was that simple... I'm an idiot. Thanks so much!
  3. Please help. I really don't understand what is wrong. I can see that my guitar, which is connected to my win10 laptop through a usb sound card is being identified by cakewalk (I can record the clean guitar and I see in the track itself that the meter is responding when I play). But when I open any vst plugin, they don't "see" any input. E.g. the TH3 tuner is not showing anything. And of course, there is no way to monitor through the computer. What is not set up correctly that blocks the sound from reaching the plugins? Thanks
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