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  1. No, you don’t. Activation is now done using the Help menu. And this for some time.. J
  2. On your Melodyned clip/track use "Bounce to clips" once you've finished tinkering around with it. Then add Gtr Rig J
  3. Complementing this post - for those NOT using iLok, Windows changed my PC and Laptop identity/references, so I had to re-register my "new" devices with such VST's providers as Toontrack, XLN, Izotope ......... J
  4. How did you contact them ? I used the “Contact” page on their website 2 days ago, so far no news. J
  5. Oooooh, i’ve made a post with no rude words that needs to be approved !
  6. The people i deal with (Thomann) use UPS, who at least call before they deliver or when they are outside your gate. Lets be honest a mobile phone call costs 2x nothing for a company…….., The few times i’ve had companies thar deal with Fedex, never.. pita etc. J
  7. Be careful I updated and paid 172 euros, then of couse got the up date mail a few minutes ago.for 99 USD…….. I also await their reply J.
  8. No need to be. When you find your program for the first time, simply pin it to the start menu. I’ve done that for Control Panel, Services, Task Scheduler, System etc plus the apps that i use frequently. Loving W11 here on desktop and a so called un upgradable laptop. J
  9. I also binge watched it. Brilliant, roll on season 2 ! J
  10. The most simple solution would be to purchase a sound device (Focusrite, Presonus etc) that has its own dedicated Asio drivers…….. J
  11. Duane Allman and his slide work. and the one and only Albert Lee
  12. Bugs ? C’mon,. Enlighten the faithful please. J
  13. Sorry , got to the South West before you (44 years ago ......). But we can share if you like 😉 J
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