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  1. About Steinberg UR44: I had some problems with their latest 2.0.4 drivers, and have to revert back to a previous version to have stable performance. Currently I run driver - 17-01-20, on Windows 11 without issues. Have a nice day !
  2. Hi, I'm running 2021.04 update 1 and it happens that audio engine stops after having some clip editing and convert to clip to join some audio clips. It's then impossible to start audio engine, unless project is closed. I'll have to go back to previous version ... ---- Sorry, after reinstall of 2021.01 same bug happens, this looks to not be a specific 2021.04 issue... ----- This is a dropout issue, as indicated by the "dropout" label in the audio-engine panel. I tried to increase buffers size and filesystem buffers but that doesn't help. Once the audio engine is stuck, there is no way to restart it without closing the project. Very frustrating.... Cheers,
  3. I had too the same sharing violation issue. Steinberg has older version of elicenser downloadable at https://download.steinberg.net/downloads/Archive/eLC_6.11.10.272/eLicenserControlSetup.exe I uninstalled ver 6.12 and reinstalled ver 6.11 of elicenser, did a maintenance scan, and now Cakewalk can save my project without sharing violation. This is a temporary solution, but now I can use Halion SE in cakewalk projets without issue. Cheers, and thank you all for your help ! Marc.
  4. Hello, I don't know if this issue is specific to 2020.05 version, but I encountered this bug: When track pane is horizontally zoomed to the max, and project is playing, User Interface become unresponsive and it is impossible to stop playback, nor by the keyboard, nor by mouse. This is not project specific, the only way to stop playback is to wait the end of project or to kill cakewalk application by the task manager. Kind regards, Marc.
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