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  1. I have to use Cakeealk on two different computers. I am thinking of putting all plugins on a thumb/hard drive and carrying it and the iLok and Waves thumb drive each time I switch. Also, there's the plugin menu layouts, key bindings, etc. These could be put on disk too. Or maybe using a network drive to put everything on??? Please advise with any thoughts on this working or something else I could do. Thanks.
  2. I need help. Some plugins are not showing up in Plugin Manager but I don't know how to decipher the log. Any suggestions?
  3. I'll check all of the things above. Thanks, guys
  4. Oops, I meant a VST scan. The scan log showed a bunch of registry keys it deleted that had nothing to do with plugins.
  5. I did my first scan after installing Cakewalk on a fresh installation of Windows. In the log report it had deleted all kinds of registry keys now those programs are hosed. Is there anything I can do???
  6. Is there a way to use the Prochannel on the main bus
  7. In the right-click menu in the Effects bin you've added the "Delete"/"Delete All" options. Can you add a shortcut key that once in that menu you could press "D" (underscore character) for Delete and "A" for all. This feature has been a godsend. Thanks.
  8. Will the Plugin Manager ever get updated??? If so, I have the following suggestions. 1. Search box for the Layout box. 2. Cut/Copy/Paste -for Layout box. I sometimes want to move or copy a bunch of plugins at a time and this would be SO helpful. 3. A Comment "line" much like the Separation line. Or make the Separator line editable. 4 . If I try to highlight more then 2 plugins to move one of the bunch always "unslelects" itself.
  9. I have a couple of questions about the Zoom feature and using an external audio editor and making the Help box open in the Browser.. Zoom - In the old Sonar programs there was a feature where no matter where the the "time bar" is located as soon as you press Ctrl-Arrow it automatically centers where the time bar is. Is there any way to change this? In Sonar you used to could set up an external audio editor and click a track/waveform and send it to the editor (Audacity, etc.) and bring it back in automatically when done. You had to add this manually to the Utilities menu if I remember correctly. Is there still a way to do this? Help Menu - I'm trying to bring up the Help module with the tool tips inside the program but when I hit F1 it takes me to a webpage.
  10. I'm using the latest version of Cakewalk but still have problems with templates. Some are an extension of CWT and some CWX. In some places you can't even get the CWTs to show up in some places. Same with CWTs. Is there a rhyme or reason, a way to convert them, etc.?
  11. Will do. Thanks. The only related option mine has is "create a dump" file. I assume this grabs the latest dump since it would be pointless to create a dump if the program is still running correctly (???)
  12. I have a tic from a medical condition that makes my right hand jerk at any moment. If I accidentally hit the right-click mouse button while Cakewalk is doing some background work it will crash. I will put up the error message (if it gives one) next time it happens. Any ideas?
  13. Does it seem to anyone else that the Pluging Manager needs an update/upgrade? Some things I'd like to see: 1. Naming/renaming of separators: e.g. -------- text ----------. 2. Search option within both Registered Plugins and Layout. 3. Copy/Paste of plugins in Lay out: e.g. Copy folder, Paste folder, etc. 4. Sort only subfolders. Sort is all-or-none now.
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