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  1. Does it seem to anyone else that the Pluging Manager needs an update/upgrade? Some things I'd like to see: 1. Naming/renaming of separators: e.g. -------- text ----------. 2. Search option within both Registered Plugins and Layout. 3. Copy/Paste of plugins in Lay out: e.g. Copy folder, Paste folder, etc. 4. Sort only subfolders. Sort is all-or-none now.
  2. A button or modifier to clear all FX from an audio track's FX bin instead of having to clear them one at a time
  3. They ctrl+drag I was talking about is in the Plugin Manager. I was talking about in the Plugin Manager
  4. How/where do I make suggestions for program changes? Here are a few of mine. Please respond if you would like these features too (or if they already exist) Program Request FX Rack Create a shortcut key ("D"?) when deleting a plugin from the rack instead of having to move the mouse down to "delete" each time. Option to “clear” the tracks rack of all plugins, like the "bypass fx rack" option. Cakewalk Plug Manager Requests Drag + modifier key to copy a plugin to another folder instead of move Add a Search box for finding plugins within the menus Fix error: In the menu when trying to select all the plugins (to move, delete, etc.) it always leaves on plugin "unselected". If you click on the unselected plugin it will unselect another plugin from your selection Make the separator have an editable name. For example, I could rename a separator "----- Opto Compressions ----" and have my plugins by type of compressor with a single folder (instead of having to make a folder for each one). As it is now I have to rename EACH plugin and tack an "Opto" onto each plugin. Thanks for your time!!!
  5. I have some projects that still have the missing plugins but they won't show up in the Browser. I've tried loading 32-bit and 64-bit and works though rarely. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Is it possible to add the VU markings to the right of an audio track when it is narrow?
  7. When a tab is open in Multidock there's no "close/x" button. Inspector and Browser are still useable. Any ideas?
  8. I had no luck with the Theme Editor but changing the color in Preferences worked. Thanks, Guys!!!
  9. The first picture is the Tungsten theme as is. The second is my mod making the background lighter so the decibel numbers show up better. I'd rather change the text color, Any suggestions which parameter this is? TIA
  10. Most plugins show up but most of the "Paid" will not (Waves, iZotope,IK Multimedia, etc.). This was after beta I downloaded. The plugins show up in the plugin manager but not in Cakewalk. Do you think they need "resetting"?
  11. It's strange. Most plugins show up but most of the "Paid" will not (Waves, iZotope,IK Multimedia, etc.).
  12. No. I've been a programmer for 40 years and it has me completely stumped but it is a Cakewalk problem.
  13. I've moved them all to one folder, made sure Cakewalk's Plugin Menu folder is set right, and still no joy. It's definitely a Cakewalk thing. I've had problems with Melda and Waves plugins showing up/not showing. Just random BS. Any more ideas? THanks!
  14. Cakewalk only shows three default plugin menus when presented with choices. I have one I've been creating for years and it will not show up even though it does in the plugin manager. Please advise.
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