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  1. @CJ Jacobson Thank you. I wouldn't call it solved sadly, just worked around. I did check the track lanes, it was odd that it was all the other tracks (30 or so) that went silent all at once. 😞 I've switched on versioning to give me a better backup system.
  2. Thanks @reginaldStjohn I checked all the tracks and buses. I ended up copying the tracks into a older version of the project where they worked fine. I just hope it doesn't happen again.
  3. Hey, I'm really stuck. I'm recording vocals over instrument tracks. I pressed something by accident and all I can hear now is the vocals. It's a project specific setting as other projects play fine. Offset mode is off and all the gain levels are at 0. The clips themselves are not playing as no signal is showing on the meters except for the vocal track. It's the latest version of Sonar Platinum Thank you
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