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  1. Fantastic, thanks! That does exactly what I want. Seems to me like the mute tool could also have the option to add a crossfade, but fine, right tool for the right job and all that. I'm sure it's obvious if you're experienced with DAWs and/or studio recording. The trouble is that for the complete beginner, without the vocabulary to search for exactly the right things, these things are really hard to find things to find out on your own. I'm sure 'comp tool with auto crossfade' in google would tell me all about it. "mute track lanes without pop" and it's variants did not. Thanks again!
  2. I've checked it out. This is seriously tedious. I have a track with multiple track lanes for different takes and want to use different parts from different takes. It's nightmare doing this with automation. I think I'm done with cakewalk at this stage, there must be better software out there, that can mute parts of a track without adding sound effects.
  3. Thanks, I'll check it out! To be clear - it's a pop during a mute. I'm just not sure why the mute doesn't auto-add a really quick 5ms fade or something. Surely no-one likes pops?
  4. Hi guys, I'm sure this has been covered, but I'm new to DAWs and probably lack the terminology to find the answer myself - I have looked. I'm tying to mute a bar in a clip of guitar. No matter what I do I get a pop at the start and end of my mute. It does the same thing if i split the track and delete the bar i need out. I've tried checking the 'Snap to nearest audio zero crossing' option but it doesn't make any difference. Perhaps there is an option to put a quick fade in/out on the mute tool, but I can't find it. Why the default behaviour is to create loud pops is beyond me though - surely that's not what the majority actually want to have happen? Perhaps this is normal for DAWs, but as someone coming fresh to it, it doesn't make a lot of sense. Any help would be most appreciated, thanks!
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