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  1. Yesterday I finally got my nanoKontrol2 fully working again. I simply did the same steps I tried several times before and don't know exactly why but it's now working fine. Here's what I did for future reference in case someone needs it: 1- Open Sonar and remove nanokontrol2 input/output ports and delete surface control reference 2- Clean uninstall Korg NanKontrol2 driver and device 3- Uninstall Korg Kontrol Software 4- Install driver and software (in this order), shutdown windows 5- Connect and power on all my USB devices (keyboards, modules, interfaces etc) and start windows 6- Connect nanoKontrol2 pressing SET and RECORD buttons (as user manual) 7- Open Sonar and select nanoKontrol2 input and output MIDI ports 8- Start a new Sonar project and record a midi track with nanokontrol as input; move every fader/pot/button to verify some midi data is being recorded by each one 9- Close Sonar and re-open it 10- Create a new control surface using 'Mackie' to nankontrol2 11- Open a project and verified that everything is working fine. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Hi, I use a Korg NanoKontrol2 with Sonar X2 for a long time with no issues. Recently I disconnected the gadget to try some Ipad tweaking, and when I connected back to my pc I discovered that the faders will not be recognized anymore by Sonar. I reset the device, connect as Mackie control surface as before and noticed in Console View that all pan pots, transport, mute/solo buttons are working fine but the faders not. I checked the Kontrol with MIDI-OX and the faders are sending messages. I also tried to reset the device to factory settings and re-install Korg drivers and software but I´m getting the same issue. Has anyone experienced this weird thing? Thanks
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