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  1. 22 minutes ago, DeeringAmps said:

    That clicking sound effect, its just a little (a lot maybe) loud for me.

    ok thanks i will re-listen it

    Are the acoustics just a little dry, maybe?

    will look at this thanks

    Overall sounds like you're making good progress, I like it!

    thanks im working hard to sound good...





  2. 23 minutes ago, David Sprouse said:

    More woodblock!  (snl joke).Loved it much better with the words.  Can you list the lyrics somewhere?  You have a cool voice.

    you mean adding some woodblock?


    not for now

    it's my friend vox



  3. im hearing some kind of "filters" sound when i enable the (up-sampling buton)???

    do you hear this on your system?

    the most plugins im using are M-EQ(melda production) sonitus fx,guitar rig,amplitube..

  4. hello all im on my way to mix this music compo i made(i just added the vocal in the mix)the lyric are from a friend of mine

    it's a french lyrics compo title Avec Toi

    ps(all instruments are real instruments,bass,guit acoustic,guitar electric played by me & (session drumer 3)and piano SFZ

    thanks for listening and coments

    here soundcloud




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