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  1. 30 minutes ago, DeeringAmps said:

    That percussive "snap", its a wood block or maybe claves, yeah probably claves?
    To my ears its just a little too loud (just a tad; probably doesn't translate well into French, non?)

    yes ok i understand now

    thank you Tom

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  2. 1 hour ago, DeeringAmps said:

    the melody matters, the lyrics not so much.

    if fact ,i have just composed the music,the lyrics & the vox(vocals)are composed from my friend


    1 hour ago, DeeringAmps said:

    I'm more interested in defining the kick (usually some
    top end boost to get the beater talking) and keeping the mud out of the kick and bass.

    right now in this mix all highs-end are cuted off(drastic EQ..cut (for now im happy about 70\100 of the kick "sound"

    so i will experiment what you are saying! thanks

    1 hour ago, DeeringAmps said:

    Solo is your Les Paul, neck pickup, maybe the tone rolled off some?

    it's been a while i record this but i think yes or maybe both pick-up with rool off tone

    ps(this distorsion sound came from a VS-1824-roland,(amp-similator)so im "stuck" with this distorsion-sound)...

    that's not bad at all..🙂

    1 hour ago, DeeringAmps said:

    If I'm mixing this, I'd go with the edit+bass, pull that snap down just a tad (keep it subtle), master it up and declare victory!

    thanks Tom,what do you mean by ( pull that snap down just a tad) ?

    do you mean some kind of multiband-compressor? on the master?


    1 hour ago, DeeringAmps said:

    master it up

    right now i have some EQ on the master wich is [m-EQ-melda-production]-[modern-analoger antress] and a limiter [limiter 6]


    thank you alot to take your time to listen & coments !!





  3. thank you Max,i will experiment on the bass frequencys

    do you think that is 'lack' of bass on the master? or on the basse & drum track? or both..

    (these days people are not listening on good speakers,they listen to cell,PC speakers ect..)

    thank you Max it's appeciate


  4. 51 minutes ago, Dusan Sustarsic said:

    source track must be delite't after Spliting notes to several track's.

    if you dont hold (ctrl) just the shift the 'source' track will be 'delete'


    51 minutes ago, Dusan Sustarsic said:

    To drag separated track to new track one by one,shuld criate new track first.

    you can also drags theme to a existing track..both way will work..


    51 minutes ago, Dusan Sustarsic said:

    Am I corect? I thing:there shuld bi  same CAL obtion to do this with all separated track's at once....?

    later i will experiment CAL option and come back here..

  5. oupss the sound is "glitchy" but not on my computer..

    edit,ok i found that is the vocal track (i updated the mix)



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