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  1. thanks Kurre i'v not notice this..wierd yeah?
  2. do you mean folders tracks? i'v download & installed the latest drivers for my video-card.. will report back if this have fix my problems thanks martin
  3. I would definitely look in to what @Kev said. I haven't seen this in a long time. EDIT: Ive never seen 2 Nowtime bars but I have seen it disappear a couple years back. im using the onboard video card wich is a intel chipset,i will search for update many thanks! martin
  4. sometime i get 2 cursors on track-view and i dont know why this is appening?? see the image below thanks martin
  5. does anyone know where the .prog reside in program files for session drumer 3 ? thanks martin
  6. of course it's a great multiband thanks
  7. i'v download this free plug (C3 multi band)is really cool but it keep re-setting to default when i save or close cakewalk does anyone know this plug? thanks martin
  8. make sure you have this 'option' un-cheked,see the pict below (im having some issue me too,having 2 projects open sometime crash..
  9. vocal-sync work but with minor adjustements
  10. in console-view select strip-track-manager
  11. i'v done a couple of back-vocals track and the result is quite good
  12. do i have to bounce to clip after applying vocal sync region FX? thx martin
  13. is addictive drum come from a older version of SONAR? thx
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