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  1. 13 minutes ago, Gswitz said:

    There is a theme editor that gives you control over most colors.

    im already using the theme-editor but i'v not find this setting..

    will continue to search, i will report back if i found it..




  2. in console view the "peak indicator" color is gray and would like to set "change" the color of it but i cant find this setting on colors option???

    does anyone know the setting for it,in colors option?




  3. 1 hour ago, Robert Bone said:

    You could try loading up the project that gets weird on closing, in Cakewalk's Safe Mode - (hold Shift when opening the project), and tell it to skip the loading of the 2 plugins - then close the project, WITHOUT saving, and see if it still hangs.  This would help point at one or both of those 32-bit plugins as being problematic.

    both 32bit plugin are VC-64 vintage-channel  and limiter 6

    i will do test when finishing the album(cuz i use this 2 plugin on all my project(it does not always hang)


    1 hour ago, Robert Bone said:

    I happen to have purchased J-Bridge (was $19 or $20 I think),

    that's what i will do thanks Robert!

  4. 1 minute ago, msmcleod said:

    The last time this happened to me (with TH-U), I took a project that this happened with, took a note of the plugins, and created a new project inserting each of the plugins one at a time, saving, quitting until I found the plugin that made it hang.

    thanks i will do this test!

  5. hi my name is martin

    i mixed this song from a friend of mine (the lyrics are in french)the title of the song is aillieur


    pls tell me what you think!

    thanks martin

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