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  1. Johnbee58

    (your vocal-track sound already good & natural)

    i make a MP3 of your Vocal-track,tell me what you think(im not a Pro)using (VX-64 vocal-strip)









    47 minutes ago, Johnbee58 said:

    (VX-64 vocal-strip)

    can you look if you have this plug please(if you dont have it i will do another mix)with stock plugins

  2. 28 minutes ago, Johnbee58 said:

    Yes.  Please tell me what you do with it when you get a satisfactory result

    ok Johnbee58 thanks,i will upload your track later,today

    28 minutes ago, Johnbee58 said:

    VX-64. Is this in with CbB?

    i think it come from an older version of SONAR

    Johnbee58 can you look if you have this plugin (VX-64 vocal-strip) pls




  3. 6 minutes ago, Gswitz said:

    Give this one a try. 

    Strip Label Text under Console View controls the color of it.


    got it man!! thanks you very much Geoff to have take your time!!

    merci beaucoup cest tres gentil  Geoff !!!



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