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  1. im already using the theme-editor but i'v not find this setting.. will continue to search, i will report back if i found it.. thanks martin
  2. in console view the "peak indicator" color is gray and would like to set "change" the color of it but i cant find this setting on colors option??? does anyone know the setting for it,in colors option? thanks martin
  3. report back thank you Scook i download the limiter 6 64bit & now my projects close fine!!
  4. VC-64 is 32bit plugin might be this plug causing this issue???
  5. both 32bit plugin are VC-64 vintage-channel and limiter 6 i will do test when finishing the album(cuz i use this 2 plugin on all my project(it does not always hang) that's what i will do thanks Robert!
  6. could it be my soundcard also? im using a roland-quad-capture..
  7. it seems to be this,as i use 2 32bit plugs(but man i need this plug LOL) thanks CJ
  8. almost every time i close a project cakewalk hang and do not respond & i have to re-boot i dont know what causing this.. if someone can help me thx martin
  9. ok Mariano thanks (im talking about the tracks colors)..
  10. hi my name is martin i mixed this song from a friend of mine (the lyrics are in french)the title of the song is aillieur pls tell me what you think! thanks martin
  11. thank you Mariano!! great theme (can you also share the color pls)
  12. im talking about the software-pannel-audio souncard
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