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  1. 26 minutes ago, Chuck E Baby said:

    You should be aiming for 0db. and nothing over.

    yes i mean -6 to 0

    when im mastering then i go to -0.3 in this range i kind of hearing a degradation of the sound..

  2. 7 minutes ago, fogle622 said:

    I'm sure I'm not placing the file in the correct location but I'm not sure how to proceed.

    (sorry for my english)maybe someone can help here..

    (i dont know if win 7 "work" the same as win 10 but,in windows explorer at the top right there is (option)option folders-

    on there check "show hiden folders..)

    try to find this and come back if you dont find it..

  3. im in late or i just find a new feature??? we can put the cursor whatever the place (in track-view)and the playback "start right there"

    it's way cool !!

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