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  1. 17 hours ago, RICHARD HUTCHINS said:


    Its Friday so it must be that time I hit a new problem! So...I'm extending a song, and everything is split at the end where I want to add new vocals etc ready for new bits . . But as can be seen from the screenshot, when the waveform of my vocal track stops, (top track in blue,  I split the track at the end and deleted the bit I didn't want...or so  thought) well, I can still hear my ( unwanted bit) voice in the phones. but there's nothing to see, nothing to delete, I went through all the tracks one by one using the mute button, in case I armed  the record button on another track and recorded vocals by mistake, but that's not it. You can see the blank track after the blue Vox waveform stops, but there are vocals continuing... but where are they? I want them deleted, they cant stay on my altered ending. ( If you heard them you'd know why!) Ideas anyone? Maybe Melodyne is the culprit ? ( I looked but cant see any "blobs" on the melodyne part , its blank here too.


    i see that your track1 is splited,is it this splited portion that you are hearing??

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