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  1. welcome to the forum have you try deleting the regedit key related to cakewalk
  2. to the OP you know you can upgrade to cakewalk by bandlab for free...?
  3. close cakewalk open bandlab-assistant then update it there
  4. for vocal im using console-Emulation=FrontDaw comp=modern Apophis verb=plate-140 EQ=Modern EQ,Modern-Channel delay=cakewalk tempo-delay im also do parralel-comp cheer
  5. i dont understand by see 2 tracks?? do you mean see only 2 tracks? via track-manager?
  6. you can try open a project directly instead of open cakewalk first.. if you have scan plugins on start-up,i would disable it..
  7. thank you John,there is strong chance i will buy it(i will report back)
  8. im looking for something easy & simple...to operate
  9. welcome to the forum, is this a midi file or audio wave??
  10. thank you John (edit) getting a 503 error page...
  11. hi there, is someone know if there is a vsti-percussion include in cakewalk,if not can someone sugest one please thx martin
  12. on the "almost" top left aside option-click view-display,the grid-line is there
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