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  1. im looking for something easy & simple...to operate
  2. welcome to the forum, is this a midi file or audio wave??
  3. thank you John (edit) getting a 503 error page...
  4. hi there, is someone know if there is a vsti-percussion include in cakewalk,if not can someone sugest one please thx martin
  5. on the "almost" top left aside option-click view-display,the grid-line is there
  6. have you do (duplicate-track)by any chance?? what copy you mean (recorded) ??
  7. hi there Jordan welcome to the forum !! here is a bunch of videos about creating drumbeats in cakewalk creating drumbeats in cakewalk
  8. welcome to the forum here one way to do it(there maybe another way also) you place the cursor where you want to split(then hit S to split the clip) of course cakewalk support vst-plugins
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