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  1. you can try open a project directly instead of open cakewalk first.. if you have scan plugins on start-up,i would disable it..
  2. thank you John,there is strong chance i will buy it(i will report back)
  3. im looking for something easy & simple...to operate
  4. welcome to the forum, is this a midi file or audio wave??
  5. thank you John (edit) getting a 503 error page...
  6. hi there, is someone know if there is a vsti-percussion include in cakewalk,if not can someone sugest one please thx martin
  7. on the "almost" top left aside option-click view-display,the grid-line is there
  8. have you do (duplicate-track)by any chance?? what copy you mean (recorded) ??
  9. hi there Jordan welcome to the forum !! here is a bunch of videos about creating drumbeats in cakewalk creating drumbeats in cakewalk
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