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  1. 29 minutes ago, HIBI said:

    Dragging with holding Shift key is working well here.

    (edit)i have to press shift before select the clip

    i just tried it and it work..weird.. LOL


  2. 22 minutes ago, Johnbee58 said:

    Should I defrag the HDD?  I haven't done that since I got it 4 years ago.

    on my windows 10  it "auto-defrag once a week,if your system is not set that way,of course i would defrag..

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  3. 7 hours ago, Promidi said:

    What I do is when I configure and save a lense, I use Lense Manager to deselect Windows layout for that lense.  That way, Windows layouts are solely handled by Screensets.  Because I do this, changing Lenses has no effect on Windows layouts.

    i did this it work thank you

  4. 5 hours ago, MusicMan11712 (aka Dr. Steve) said:

    Does it stay in the same place inside of Cakewalk when you resize Cakewalk? Or, does it stay in the same place on your computer display?

    have not tested resize but sometime, i get 2 ghost on CV as well has in TV...

  5. 12 minutes ago, 57Gregy said:

    MM, are you saying that you want a project to play the metronome, perhaps to practice to, with no data in the tracks? I don't think that is possible.
    Instead, set it up to record with no input and the met set to play on record.

    cool tip thanks

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