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  1. 1 hour ago, Douglas Kirby said:

    I liked the song - the arrangement and melody - cool tune. 

    thank you,it's my friend compo,im performing the instruments for him..

    I thought the mix could use a bit more volume - a bit more punch to it.

    for now i'v not put anything on the master(im working to make instruments to sound good..)

    thanks for the advice Douglas !

    Your vocal is cool - even though I have no idea what you're saying😃 

    it's my friend vocal,the lyrics are cool

    I think you have a potential hit with this if the mix is right - thanks for posting.

    the most important for him & me it's be proud to produce the music(im working alot to make the mix to sound good)

    many thanks Douglas




  2. 1 hour ago, emeraldsoul said:

    Hi Martin, if that be your name! I'd agree the left guitar is a bit too up front or loud, and it's way drier (less reverb) than the right side. Maybe a touch more reverb on the left, and not so hard panned left, might be worth a try.

    hi tom im gonna try that..

    Care to post the lyrics? Curious! Nice vocals, nice melody for sure.

    in fact it is not my compo,it's my friend compo,im the producer "perfomer"of the music arrangments..

    i will ask him if he want that i post the lyrics here!


    Definitely could use more drum fills along the way. Fun to program in SD3!

    thanks good idea i will look at this!


    Most important, your performance conveys a real sense of energy. Very cool.

    thank you again Tom i really appreciate your coments & advices






  3. hello all i would like to know what you think about this mix i made

    the tittle song is Allieur (wich is a song from a friend of mine)its a french lyrics song

    (i played all instruments ,real instruments apart for the drum(session drumer 3)

    what i have done by the advices and coments here

    i have,

                    1.make the drum more punchy

                   2.equalize both guitars electric & acoustic add reverb,panning ect...

                   3. EQ the vocals to make it sit better in the mix(i will put the vocals tomorow)


    thank you for listening




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  4. i'v found this going on the sonar cakewalk old site,it is a pack of plugins (free)

    (Multivoice Chorus/Flanger, Classic Phaser, Tempo Delay, Compressor/Gate, Para-Q, HF Exciter, Alias Factor, and Modfilter.

    i like the delay and the chorus they are easy to operate and they sound good


    hebergeur photos




    for free!!






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