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  1. Thank you! You are right, it was a ton of work. I started out learning that bass part and just about threw the towel in at that point. I'll take a listen and maybe update that kick. I appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback!
  2. steve@baselines.com


    Here's the results of a very rewarding project. This is Peg from Steely Dan's 1977 Aja album. From Bandlab, @darrengarrett on vocals. @michelefortunato on 'bones, @jobi7 on alto and baritone sax. I play the other instruments and did the production. https://baselines.com/?p=5097
  3. I just found this after watching a video on youtube. I am working on a cover of Peg, and this is what was used on the original. I'm hoping it will work out. Here's the great video on that guitar lead.
  4. Thanks very much for listening and commenting. Let me know if you are on Bandlab and I will follow.
  5. I found a good way to do it. It was the paste special that I did not know about. Here is what I did: http://baselines.com/?p=5084
  6. Why is it so darn hard to copy a tempo map from one project to another? Is it me? I see all this Alt-A stuff and copy to clip and copy to project, but I can see the tempo map and the listing of all times and changes. I just want to copy that from one and paste it into the other. Is that too much to ask? I'm done venting. Maybe I'll try to figure out how to put a feature request in unless there is a way to do this that someone can tell me about. Thanks in advance! Steve
  7. Thanks a lot! I like trying to keep Beatles songs as close to the original as possible for me.
  8. Hi Jim - that is high praise. 'Feeling right' is the thing that matters. Thank you! If you are on Bandlab, let me know and I will follow.
  9. Just followed you - thanks a lot, man! Hope to see you on BL.
  10. It's a great place, lots of nice people from around the world. I collaborate with a bunch of great, unpretentious, talented musicians who give feedback and support. If you get in, drop me a comment and I will get you involved!! @steve2k2
  11. Hey thanks Freddy - if you're on Bandlab, send me your link and I will follow.
  12. Thank you! If you are on Bandlab, let me know and I will follow.
  13. Hey I really like that. You have a nice voice. Good job.
  14. Thanks very much Jesse ! Maybe I'll go back and bring that volume up a little. Let me know if you are on Bandlab and I will follow.
  15. Thank you very much. Let me know if you are on Bandlab and I will follow and comment on your work.
  16. Thanks for the feedback. With the Beatles, I feel I have to do it like them, but with other artists I sometimes switch things up a little.
  17. Here's a cover of Because (Beatles) - @kiwichrys helped me with some of the vocals. Reach out to me on Bandlab @steve2k2 and I will listen and follow you back. http://baselines.com/?p=5074
  18. Hi! Thanks for the comment. To be honest I am not sure where the influence comes from. The guitar was just played with no effects and then I added on some Overloud THU 'ultra clean' effect. If you are on Bandlab, look me up and I will follow. I'm @steve2k2.
  19. This is probably true, I am still a big Fab Four fan. Thank you for the feedback. If you are on Bandlab, let me know and I will follow you. I am @steve2k2 if you want to connect. Steve
  20. Thanks for the feedback Lynn - next time I am in the DAW I will check the balance out. I use iZotope tonal balance. If you are on Bandlab, let me know and I will definitely follow. I am on there as @steve2k2
  21. Definitely a compliment! Thanks very much. If you are on bandlab, let me know and I'll give you a follow.
  22. Thank you for listening and commenting. If you're on Bandlab let me know and I will check you out!
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