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  1. I had a Texas Instruments that was smaller than an ipad. It had a whopping 16KB memory pack that plugged into it and was about the size of an old mouse. Shortly after that, I went to Commodore and never went back. I had a VIC20, a 64 and a 128. I didn't get the Amiga. My buddy and I interfaced to the VIC 20 to create an 8 bay power supply tester. He did the hardware AtoD converter and I wrote the software in machine language no less. They sold an EEPROM blower so that we could make a cartridge that would start up the program when we turned on the computer. Those Commodores were pretty powerful. I remember spending a couple of hundred bucks at Lechmere on an old dot matrix printer that printed at about 10 characters per hour (LOL - slight exaggeration). Then I got an IBM 286 and spent an additional couple of hundred on memory sticks that I think got me 8MB more RAM. I also had a couple of huge monsters from Nixdorf that ran CPM on which I was able to play wonderful amber PONG games.
  2. Lynn, this is absolutely fantastic! Great work, love it.
  3. steve@baselines.com


    I wrote this a while back, but updated it recently. More of a classical feel, something that fits my morose political and cultural outlook of late. https://baselines.com/?p=5827
  4. Thanks Lynn - that makes me feel wonderful!
  5. Thanks Jack - Dave can also sound a lot like John Lennon as well. He's a chap from England himself!
  6. Thanks a lot for the feedback. I agree with what you said about the tamborine, but I decided not to lower it, because it made me think of Ringo while listening! I just got the book that details each day in the studio at Abbey Road and have been reading it since Christmas - a wonderful story!
  7. Here's a cover of the great Beatles song 'For No One' from the Revolver Album. Dave Overland (@eipi) on Bandlab sings vocal on this one. https://baselines.com/?p=5833 Thanks for listening. Steve
  8. The problem is on you, not on Cakewalk. You need to put some money into your system if you are having such problems. It works almost flawlessly for me and had for quite some time.
  9. Here's a cover of Tina's song 'What's Love Got To Do With It' - Sung my @therealmadamez and guitars by @turbomaus on Bandlab. I play the other instruments and produced. https://baselines.com/?p=5822
  10. Yes it is a cover I did. I don’t know why anyone would post the original song here or something someone else did. Thank you for listening and commenting!
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