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  1. This was a deal for a brand new unit not a used one. I'll have a 2 year warranty through Sweetwater and any issues I run into, I can return it and get it replaced free of charge. Though the model is older the unit is brand new. Buying used has its caveats, some times you win sometimes you don't. Getting things cheaper isn't always a bargain. I thought since I don't usually see these brand new units on sale, why not share the deal here. Whether you buy brand new or used, that is up to the buyer. For me a warranty is everything, on high priced items.
  2. Sweetwater is having a sale on some RME devices. Sale ends tomorrow September 27, 2020 Just grabbed me a FirefaceUCX for 1279.20 https://www.sweetwater.com/dealzone/?s=&sb=popular&params=eyJmYWNldCI6eyJDYXRlZ29yeSI6WyIyXC82ODJcLzY5NSJdLCJCcmFuZCI6WyJSTUUiXX19
  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thank you ccLarry and everyone who contribute to the great sales that are posted on this Deals forum. I don't post hardly at all (don't know what to say normally), but come here daily to check out what has popped up.
  4. JST up to 70% off till Nov. 30 at Best Service. Some really good prices. $20.70 for Finality Advanced $26.70 for Conquer All bundle https://www.bestservice.com/deals/joey_sturgis_tones_up_to_70_off_2163.html
  5. Trying to add a plugin with a bundle upgrade but there doesn't seem to be a way. My bundle upgrade would be $25 but won't reach the $50 threshold if I can't add a plugin. Is this normal?
  6. EZX Made of Metal and EZX Number 1 Hits expansion at Best Service for $19. https://www.bestservice.com/ezx_made_of_metal.html https://www.bestservice.com/ezx_number_1_hits.html
  7. Just signed up and purchased the Studio Pass and used the CLASS60 code (one time use per account) thanks Larry. The email you receive for a free bonus ebook after signing up for their newsletter, clicked on the link to get my free ebook and at the bottom of the web page is an offer if you buy either the Studio Pass or Mixing Masterclass you can get the Misha Mansoor plugin and a choice of glue plugin from Joel Wanasek or JST. You can't get both the $49 gift card and the plugins (as I found out from support, took the plugins as more value there). Not sure if you could purchase one tutorial video get the plugins then purchase the other and get the gift card as its based off the receipt of purchase you have to submit.
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