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  1. It's certainly somewhat newer terminology for the Windows environment, but it makes sense to adopt in my view it as it's more descriptive of what one is referring to.
  2. I don't think this is right and is actually the cause of the confusion. A program is a set of instructions, the result of which is an application. Said another way, an application (app) is the culmination of many programs. Programs are written. Applications are used. I think calling applications programs is mostly a result of Windows calling the folders the Program File folders. The executable for an application is found in these folders, so many people just call applications programs.
  3. Have you looked at the Chris Hein brass? I don't have it but i have the violin and i find that excellent.
  4. As a workaround for Firefox specifically you can change the value of layout.css.devPixelsPerPx in about:config.
  5. You might like to take a look at Tassman for physical modeling. Still works perfectly on Windows (and my guess probably will for a long time to come despite being discontinued). Keep an eye on AlphaForever too as that's new, maintained and updated. Hopefully it'll surpass Tassman's ability at some point. As for the thread, nah i don't use hardware... although i wish the hardware manufacturers would release their stuff in software form more often! 😂 I'd buy Analog Heat in a heartbeat.
  6. I find this is a laptop thing. Don't forget to bind all the locations to a hotkey so they're easy and quick to get out the way when not using them. For what it's worth, plugin interfaces are too small on a desktop sometimes and i have to lean in see what something says 🧐 My desktop interface for reference:
  7. You seem to be making a pickle! I would suggest you try and keep your filing system organised; the result is not less demand on the CPU etc. but rather less potential headaches due to not having to stumble around in a mess. I would not, and don't, let installers do their own thing since letting them do their own thing is a surefire way of adding disorganisation to your filing system. Some installers are better than others of course, but you don't know this until after you've clicked instal and then it's too late (e.g. look at your root folder). For example, i have 2 main folders for plugins (Program Files\vst plugins and Program Files\Common Files\VST3) and inside those folders i have developer folders for their respective plugins. I got rid of all 32 bit plugins, but previously i had the same folders in the x86 folder also. This aids in organisation as things are in the same places. I would delete all that extraneous stuff from your root folder. If the plugins don't work i'd delete them and reinstal with organisation in mind. If they're adamant about installing crap to your root folder i'd delete the plugin and write a complaint email to the developer.
  8. ien

    Size of page file

    It's not futile or dangerous. If you keep getting a message telling you that you've run out of virtual memory then increase it. More RAM is the better option though, which you've done.
  9. There's no way to direct that instrument to the samples. The .instruments folder will have to go next to the .dll. It's working for me. Didn't crash. I'd try again. Try placing the .dll and the .instruments in their own dedicated folder, like VST>Sonatina>.dll/instruments
  10. Sounds like the VST can't find the samples. If there's no way to direct the instrument to the samples then try placing the samples in your VST folder.
  11. Not sure, but if you're hitting full scale at -3dB centre then you'll be over when summing to mono.
  12. You can get to the snap values in all but small size, even collapsed (hover cursor over the module). You can also get to some (but not all) by right-clicking the toggle button. If Ticks is your secondary goto then set it up as your alternate value like Craig suggested.
  13. It's clipping because you're using -3dB centre. This is a perceived volume. If you want the panned level to be the same level when you sum it to mono you should choose -6dB centre.
  14. User settings (particularly apps), desktop, tasbar, anything related to 'at log on', user reg keys and offline web content. The user folder also contains the appdata folder. I do this. I have 3. An admin account, which is very seldom needed, and 2 user accounts. One for work and one for entertainment. It keeps the environments and user directory focussed, which i prefer. It's not dual boot. Just users.
  15. SSD endurance is based on write not read/write. The spec sheet of the drive will tell you its endurance. You can still read from an SSD after you can no longer write to it. I use HD's for consuming media; iTunes, video, etc. Games i put on an SSD as it noticeably decreases load times.
  16. The manual sounds like the M.2 slots are going through the chipset as they're under the chipset heading. That chipset uses DMI 3.0 which maxes out at 3.93GB/s. That's everything though; all the SATA ports, the USB ports (even 3.1 gen 2), ethernet, wifi, onboard sound, bluetooth and, i think, the M.2 slots. If you want maximum speed of the drive to always be available irrespective of other things you're asking of the system you want to run it dedicated with an expansion card. If you don't run it dedicated then it shares the bandwidth with all the other stuff. I haven't partitioned in years. Never had a reason.
  17. Wouldn't 16GB of memory be sufficient for your use case? If so you could drop down to that and get the 9900k. The money you save could go into get an A version rather than P version of the board and the rest towards a nice cooler. I always go Asus. More out of habit nowadays than anything i've looked into recently but they always took DPC latency seriously on all their boards whereas that wasn't always the case with the others. I find Gigabyte seem to load their boards with the latest tech whereas Asus generally stay on the proven tech side. I sort of avoid MSI.
  18. @synkrotronNot wishing to sound condescending but you are in high performance mode, yes? I'm just looking at that Adaptiverb on what sounds like a VSTi track on a somewhat aging mobile CPU, so not being in high performance mode is a bad idea as Zynaptiq plugins can get pretty intense pretty quickly. Spiking one core is obviously loading one core too heavily, so if you've got the verb as an insert on a demanding VSTi with (hopefully not) a bunch of other inserts on the track as well then that's something you could look into. Run the output of the VSTi to a bus, then load that bus with the plugins. Split the verb off to a send as well so it's not on the bus. Try increasing your buffer. Be aware that you might be asking too much; many modern plugins are getting pretty demanding.
  19. Try turning off the plugin load balancing.
  20. What lovely themes. Thanks. Certainly not using my own anymore! 😉 In case you weren't aware the splash screen repeats after 1080 pixels.
  21. The plugin panel is based on your layout file. The exlusion list refers to the registered plugin list. To get what you want create a new layout file, design it how you wish (right click in the layout panel to create new folers) and then add your plugins to the folders you've created. Save it. Choose your layout from the plugin menu.
  22. I'd be wary of that second CPU if wanting to use it for DSP because the base speed indicates to me that it's design was focussed on maximally extended battery life. This generally implies thin and light, which often means less than decent cooling. So whilst the boost frequency is respectable the question is can it maintain it without throttling? If it can't then it's basically a 8 thread 1.9GHz CPU, which i don't think is fast enough for anything approaching real time complicated DSP (i'm thinking of VSTi's like Omnisphere, Falcon, Diva, Tassman, Iris 2, etc), let alone trying to do it at low latencies. My guess is that it'd also be inadequate for various VST's too (Abbey Road reverbs, Vocal Synth, Shaper box, etc). If i had to take a blind chance of one of those i'd choose the first. It's base speed is such that i'd assume it's beafier in the cooling department which could lead to a higher chance of maintaining the turbo clock. It's base speed is also a lot better so even if it can't maintain the turbo for a long time it still has a somewhat decent speed. Although what is it they say about assumptions... Either system is more than adequate for recording audio. Cakewalk's multicore utilisation is good.
  23. Zoom at cursor does feel like strange behaviour, more so if using mouse wheel rather than the magnifying glass on the timeline or something, as what it does is begin the zoom where your cursor is when you first initiate the zoom. However, it zooms by shifting the right side of the clip to the right side of the window. When the clip reaches the right side it zooms the left side until the clip reaches the left side of the window. This makes it so the zoom point is at the centre of your workspace. Thus, when using the mouse wheel your cursor will shift, so the reference for the next 'zoom step' (or whatever we want to call it) is at a different location than it was when you first initiated the zoom. This makes it so you have to keep shifting the cursor back onto the point that you want to zoom to. You can negate this problem by using the magnifying glass on the timeline to zoom instead of the mousewheel.
  24. True, but we shouldn't be truncating to a lower bit depth. If we dither the 16 bit the actual signal will sound the same as 24bit since the quantisation distortion will be gone. This can be tested by bouncing to 16bit with dither, inverting the polarity on it and then playing it alongside the 24 bit. The result will be silence. Inverting without dither and we'll hear the quantisation distortion.
  25. To add some positivity to the negativity surrounding Windows update the first thing i do every morning when turning the computer on is hit the update button. I've done this since moving to 10 from 8.1, about 9 months after they released it. The only issue i've experienced is a BSOD from an outdated graphics drivers, the updating of which fixed the issue.
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