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  1. Good points made by everyone, with accuracy and food for thought! So 'discovery' is always valuable, and the NKS ways facilitate that, which is a big + ...hadn't looked at it with that perspective. On the other hand, today I discovered a really fun parameter/effect in Native Instruments 'The Giant' piano, 'reverse resonance'. If you play a glissand, a kind of chordal trail (moving pad?) soon follows, quite a delight, begging for a long enjoyable session! I think it would be tough to tag accurately, and tough to search for as a type of sound that would be grouped with others, as it may be on the unique side. Maybe you guys could see if NKS colates the words I used above, and locate presets that utilise the reverse resonance? Hopefully, it's not an isolated parameter/effect! Cheers
  2. I'm not sold on NKS for the masses. I think it encourages mediocre productions, by making generic pools of sounds: pads, leads, pluks etc and the musician is easily opted out of learning the character and capabilities of instruments, and settling for the first sound that's catchy enough to get a click. There are working people competing for jingles and making demos, scoring various projects, where time seems of the essence. But to me NKS seems like fools gold. It's like porn flooding the zone with naked women. There is usage, but not relationship, and certainly not intimacy. NKS floods the zone with sounds, but will the art be personal? Will it be long lasting and memorable? Listened to a second time? Or will it devolve into quickies, rushed out for the easy money? And let's not forget that NKS exists only to generate revenue for the front office. Through hardware sales, partnership deals, licensing, and fees for helping coders to assimilate their products. Ultimately, the goal is to eliminate competitors who won't or can't comply. For some, NKS will be a sugar/caffeine rush on the morning commute, and the early shift, but later on, when the pressure is on, a productivity crash hits, and the results suffer accordingly. I can't think of anything I listen to on a regular basis, that would have required NKS to create. And there is plenty of junk audio cranked out where the station quickly gets changed, or the stop button gets clicked, and the desire for finding some semblance of excellence, lives on.
  3. Even more coding hours wasted hampering the free use of a free software. If the Cakewalk daw were actually free, with no extra hoops to jump through, the hoops man-hours could be invested in creating saleable sound libraries, saleable instrument presets, saleable educational videos, upgraded and new plugins etc etc etc Use the profits for charity, if profits aren't the prime motive for all this. Just don't be wasteful of the coding man-hours, which are too great a resource to squander just because... People are clinging on to Bandlab Assistant like it's a freaking life-raft, when they are firmly on dry ground. This is not the 'good connectivity' that Noel mentions, and on top of that, it's being poorly handled. My opinion is that the assistant is a superfluous loser, serving no evident purpose, while there is low hanging fruit for Bandlab to harvest elsewhere. Cheers
  4. 'Why' was not part of my question, but your speculations are no doubt often appreciated! I'm asking an accountants question about financing the coding work needed for maintaining the current regimen of login, registration, and authorization, and if a user can't complete that, having a demo mode to fall back on, adding a bit more complexity to the codebase... and all this maintained on a product that has no commercial price tag. So again, how do Bandlab financially benefit from coding and recoding updates for the Bandlab Assistant and it's demo mode? Cheers
  5. Craig, Noel, or those who actually know, how do Bandlab financially benefit from coding and recoding updates for the Bandlab Assistant and it's demo mode? And please, just facts or numbers, not spin based on 'gee, it works for me' stories. Thanks, and happy Thanksgiving, and safe travel!
  6. Bandlab Assistant is not alone in being buggy, I have a commerial product that I researched, purchased and registered using my internet connection but when logging in to the apps portal, it responds with some nonsense about 'a problem with your internet connection...please try again'. I realize there is an international shortage of good coders...but the trend of companies overcomplicating the basics for the sake of gathering data/statistics/trends yada yada yada backfires loudly, but the beancounters are deaf to reality, and demand more and more info to be harvested.
  7. I think Bandlab would derive more actual services users if the daw itself had no secondary registration/activation requirements. These things cost man-hours to maintain, don't work for everyone, and some will walk away at the first sighting of such extra layers. Issue one serial number for all, one installer for all, leave a Bandlab web connection button on the daw gui, put lots of useful Bandlab video flyers in the installer archive, and be happy. The legacy Cakewalk software, like Dimension Pro, Rapture, and Z3ta, are also still as good as they were when last updated, which was excellent. It wouldn't hurt Bandlabs public profile, to allow them a rebirth, perhaps make them part of a charity or scholarship funding effort, where a new install and redistration could occur when a contribution was made. Cheers
  8. You use perjoritive insults like "go out of his way to self-sabotage" and "this specific user's mess". No registration regimen is perfect, and when the Bandlab system did not work, on an otherwise well working system, I took normal and reasonable steps as workarounds, that do work on some products. There is no mess, as uninstallation is trivial for experienced users. Uninstalling an attitude of superiority, is far more difficult. I think my suggestions would simplify bandlab coding expenses in the long run, , with win 10 spinning oddly, and a new mac system with major changes imminent. Many potential users balk at the appearance of account creation and registration being required for a 'free' product, IK and NI, among others, catch a fair amount of flack with their free product requirements. Which for the record, do work in my systems.
  9. Support have so far not succeeded getting this version of the daw out of demo mode. A much earlier version worked OK. I have three other daws used for their strengths, and a wide range managerial regimens enforced by plugin devs, all working fine. Demo modes and registration schemes for free products are superfluous code. User accounts over time are more accurate trackers. I suggested swapping the reg/demo for useful displays of tips and info that would help new users, and can be dismissed with a click by experienced users, or as suggested by someone, turned off in prefs.
  10. Thread title 'Little suggestions for cakewalk' So I suggested some things. The option to enable/disable popups makes sense, but my suggestion acknowledges that Sonar was recued by Bandlab, and that they have a right to link their business and content to the Sonar daw which they provide without demanding our $$$$$. Including a variety of informative startuppopups, easily dismissed, in trade for removing the registration scheme and demo mode, seems a good compromise, especially for a high quality free product getting significant updates. Cheers
  11. Not everyone is a longterm pro Sonar user who might be annoyed by a dismissal mouseclick. Lots of users are new to Sonar, and presumably, many more are hoped for, and as a new Sonar user, tips and example projects utilizing them, would be welcome. Dealing with registrations and coding a demo mode diverts coders from bug fixing and implementing new features, and diverts users from making music. Music makers that may use Bandlabs content and services in the future. Cheers
  12. How about removing all registration and the demo mode for cakewalk Sonar, and instead, whenever Sonar is launched, present a useful usage tip popup, along with a link to a quality project (possibly tip related) that could be imported whenever desired. New product announcements could also appear at startup etc etc Also, a menu item for tips, ads, and projects could be added somewhere handy This could help a wide range of users, while not being a major annoyance, if a mouseclick can dismiss the popup... Cheers
  13. BA is installed, but using the green install button does nothing. Even though task-manager shows four processes in the list. Other daw softwares I use have auto-updates, or update notifiers, that work without problems. I updated my chrome and firefox browsers, and turned off their safety malware blockers etc, still nothing from BA. I placed a support request echoing what I mentioned here. (knocks on wood-grained formica(
  14. Hi, the daw is internet connected. I uninstalled all cakewalk items listed to install, edited registry, killed processes using task-manager, rebooted, and reinstalled as aministrator. Sonar still opens in demo mode.
  15. Thanks much for the links. Sonar registered OK as you mention, in the background, on my spearcatcher computer (win7Home-Premium), but not on the main daw (Win7 Pro), where I had to sneakernet the downloads to. I might uninstall things, and try again, then contact the proper support if needed. Cheers
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