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  1. You use perjoritive insults like "go out of his way to self-sabotage" and "this specific user's mess". No registration regimen is perfect, and when the Bandlab system did not work, on an otherwise well working system, I took normal and reasonable steps as workarounds, that do work on some products. There is no mess, as uninstallation is trivial for experienced users. Uninstalling an attitude of superiority, is far more difficult. I think my suggestions would simplify bandlab coding expenses in the long run, , with win 10 spinning oddly, and a new mac system with major changes imminent. Many potential users balk at the appearance of account creation and registration being required for a 'free' product, IK and NI, among others, catch a fair amount of flack with their free product requirements. Which for the record, do work in my systems.
  2. Support have so far not succeeded getting this version of the daw out of demo mode. A much earlier version worked OK. I have three other daws used for their strengths, and a wide range managerial regimens enforced by plugin devs, all working fine. Demo modes and registration schemes for free products are superfluous code. User accounts over time are more accurate trackers. I suggested swapping the reg/demo for useful displays of tips and info that would help new users, and can be dismissed with a click by experienced users, or as suggested by someone, turned off in prefs.
  3. Thread title 'Little suggestions for cakewalk' So I suggested some things. The option to enable/disable popups makes sense, but my suggestion acknowledges that Sonar was recued by Bandlab, and that they have a right to link their business and content to the Sonar daw which they provide without demanding our $$$$$. Including a variety of informative startuppopups, easily dismissed, in trade for removing the registration scheme and demo mode, seems a good compromise, especially for a high quality free product getting significant updates. Cheers
  4. Not everyone is a longterm pro Sonar user who might be annoyed by a dismissal mouseclick. Lots of users are new to Sonar, and presumably, many more are hoped for, and as a new Sonar user, tips and example projects utilizing them, would be welcome. Dealing with registrations and coding a demo mode diverts coders from bug fixing and implementing new features, and diverts users from making music. Music makers that may use Bandlabs content and services in the future. Cheers
  5. How about removing all registration and the demo mode for cakewalk Sonar, and instead, whenever Sonar is launched, present a useful usage tip popup, along with a link to a quality project (possibly tip related) that could be imported whenever desired. New product announcements could also appear at startup etc etc Also, a menu item for tips, ads, and projects could be added somewhere handy This could help a wide range of users, while not being a major annoyance, if a mouseclick can dismiss the popup... Cheers
  6. BA is installed, but using the green install button does nothing. Even though task-manager shows four processes in the list. Other daw softwares I use have auto-updates, or update notifiers, that work without problems. I updated my chrome and firefox browsers, and turned off their safety malware blockers etc, still nothing from BA. I placed a support request echoing what I mentioned here. (knocks on wood-grained formica(
  7. Hi, the daw is internet connected. I uninstalled all cakewalk items listed to install, edited registry, killed processes using task-manager, rebooted, and reinstalled as aministrator. Sonar still opens in demo mode.
  8. Thanks much for the links. Sonar registered OK as you mention, in the background, on my spearcatcher computer (win7Home-Premium), but not on the main daw (Win7 Pro), where I had to sneakernet the downloads to. I might uninstall things, and try again, then contact the proper support if needed. Cheers
  9. How about an optional purchase of a Cakewalk Sonar version that can be registered offline with just a serial number, and could coexist with the Bandlab version? To me, that ease of use would be well worth $30. I've had an issue on one of my computers, first installing, and then registering, as mentioned in a nearby forum topic. The update sounds epic to me, even though I don't use most daw features. It speaks well to Sonar being a more solid and enjoyable daw for years to come, even for a minimalist like me. Cheers
  10. I installed Bandlab Assistant in windows 7, but Cakewalk Sonar would not download when attempting to install it from the bandlab Apps tab. On a different computer, I found four download files in Users\me\Appdata\Roaming\bandlab-assistant\Downloads I copied them to that path in the windows 7 computer where the first attempted installation failed, and ran Cakewalk_Bandlab_Setup_25.07.0.79.exe, which ran successfully, along with drumReplace.exe, instruments.exe, and melodyne.exe. The problem is bandlab-assistant offers no visible registration option, nor does the Sonar gui, and a red popup warning keeps appearing saying 'Demo Mode etc, Please contact support.' The support link leads to a dead-end of faqs etc The email contact link also fails to find a human, and cakewalk has lost my 'legacy' account where I had registered Dimension Pro, Rapture, and z3ta+ 1.5. Why not a simple serial # reg for the free Sonar? And how about re-enabling registration for older but excellent Cakewalk , as the computers they ran on are needing replacements by now?. If the old softwares have no future with you, auction off the rights and code to those who will keep them alive. Cheers
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