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  1. Problem Solved. In my first request for help, I mentioned that the company support was really good. Yesterday, I received a new .RAR file that I installed and the program is working great. I installed it 2 ways. First under my log in profile. (I'm in the admin group). I used pictures folder created in KONTAKT and the Pictures folder in KONTAKT 5 that already existed. I also logged in as Admin, went to the Documents folder, Native Instruments/Kontakt and created a picture folder there. I extracted to that folder also. Program now works as it should and is a great quick arranging tool for jazz band horns. Support has been great throughout. Matthew mentioned a utility called procmon. Another great utility since so many devices are using USB is USBDeview.exe This displays all of your USB devices and how much power they are drawing. Essential seeing if you are overextending your machines USB power max before it begins to prioritize or act strangely. Always suggest you use a USB device with individual power supply for each port and not just rely on your computer. You might search for usbdeview-x64 Closing out this request for help. Put in a 1Tb SSD yesterday and my additional 16gb of memory came today which bumps me up to 32gb. Life is good.
  2. Matthew, thanks again for your effort to help me. I installed those pictures and txt files to that folder. ( several times ). In the same path to kontakt 5 is a folder called kontakt. From what I understand, that is the kontakt 6 folder. I even created a pictures folder in that directory and duplicated the files from kontakt 5/pictures. A holy Mary attempt. Didn’t help. Since this post, I deleted all files from the app and reinstalled with no improvement. The files to download for the app consist of 11 .rar files. You only extract the first, and it links and extracts to all the others. Since this post, my 1 tb ssd arrived. I’m going to move my c: with data and files cloning to the new ssd. That should be a piece of cake.( in a perfect world). I will wait until I hear from support, but no later than one more day Again, I appreciate all your suggestions. Users like you are what makes this forum a great help to other users. Mike Warren
  3. Forgot about Procmon. I used it a lot when working as a tech years ago. Filtered on Kontakt.exe and access to folder that I name Straight Ahead. No errors appeared. I'm still at a loss because the file containing pictures is parsed correctly for all of the single instruments, it also contains the multi pictures, but does not parse them out for the patch. Thanks for trying, it's appreciated. Still at square one. I'm waiting on support today. They usually respond in one day and are interested in helping me resolve problem.
  4. First let me say support has been great in trying to resolve my problem. I purchased program at a great price about a week ago. Primarily for its auto harmonize feature. The instruments are fine, but when using multi, the skin that contains description of sliders and other info does not appear. That includes the notation sceen of the voicings of the multi instruments. That was the main reason for purchasing. I have v2 released in 2017. What is really strange to me, when searching problems with this product on google, the only results are their videos or reviews. Not one result by an individual making a positve or negative comment. Thats almost impossible to believe unless they only sold one copy to me. Has anyone purchased this? If so, what’s been your experience with it. I’m using it with kontakt 6 full version. Thanks
  5. I was dissapointed. Samples are great, but only about 10 % of articulations of the full blown program. For the money I expected a lot more. Save your money for a full version.
  6. In preference menu, There is option to zero controllers on start. Have you unchecked that feature? That might explain controllers resetting to zero data.
  7. I can turn on the scrub tool by the key combination + j. The only problem is that I can't hear anything while clicking and dragging. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.
  8. I just open piano roll view and enter articulation note in this screen. Most articulation keyswitches are 1 to 2 octaves below yhe instruments lowest range so they are not heard. It has to entered a few ticks before the note you are going to effect. Some people duplicate track using new articulation sample, mute it and delete notes they don’t want the effect on. You can duplicate track several times the assign same midi channel to all with each track having a different articulation sample.
  9. My mistake. I was expecting to see B1,B2!etc. from dropdown. Forgot I renamed “ Forward, Stop, Record, etc. “ So when I saw in dropdown, I thought I was looking at action, and not renamed buttons. Duh! As I said in original post, I’d still appreciate if someone could send me The Mackie Act presets. I don’t think that would violate any copyright rules. Maybe the moderator would have more info about that Thanks to all
  10. I’m missing field in act that lets me choose buttons (1,2,etc.) from drop down menu to assign actions. I looked in my old versions, Sonar x3 and it’s present. Anyone else notice this? This is in the default preset. Also, have any of you know where I can find a copy of the old Mackie control surface presets? I must have mistakenly renamed or lost. I dont want to reinstall entire program. I was a registered user of sonar platinum before bandlab rescued it. Kudos to them. Great program and support for it.
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