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  1. Have to say Sweetwater has been great for me. They always respond quickly and resolve returns with no hassles.
  2. Your solution worked, but for 3 years. With audio interface ( steinberg) never had a problem. Thanks for the fixit tip. Consider this thread closed
  3. That seemed to work, but why? I haven't tried starting CWB from a hard reboot of the PC yet, but at least I'm back with no latency in the program which I had previously.
  4. You should have the option of changing the Global ID for your controllers. That way they are recognized as 2 different devices. I don't have 2 Units, but if they have the same common global ID, they would be seen as one.
  5. I haven't used the app you are using, but found many times that the keyswitch has to be dropped one or two octaves to work. I actually keep an info book for all my Kontakt instruments with the register that the keyswitch actually works in. It doesn't reflect what the manual lists in many cases. Just a thought.
  6. I believe after the last update, the program locks up at the splash screen. I am currently using Version 2019.12 (Build 26, 64bit). I can restart machine and it will then work, but usually not when I first start it. I use a Dell Optiplex 9010. 24Gb of memory, a 1T SSD where the program is located. I don't have this problem with any other program on first start. This is a recent event. I'm using an Intel I7 at 3.4 ghz so I have plenty of computing power. I wanted to try to roll back the update (Using W10 64bit Pro) but I don't have the option in programs for Cakewalk. I hate to uninstall and reinstall. That could be a nightmare with all my paid plugins and orchestral patches. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what was your solution. Thanks in advance, Mike Warren
  7. Does anyone have an idea on how this is done? I look in all the presets, and I see rotary, buttons, and sliders but no transport buttons. Does that mean I map my contrller transports to mmc and it bypasses ACT and sends directly to cakewalk by bandlab? Thanks in advance
  8. I had a lot of problems with the a800. First it didn’t integrate seamlessly with sonar. More importantly every piano sample sounded distorted or strange pitch in lower octave except for kontakt piano sample. One of the other sampled pianos went from C to B when I moved up to Db a 1/2 step away. Mod wheel had a drop in vol for a 1/2 second when increasing modulation. Releasing modulation wheel dropped output to zero. I programed a slider as modulation, but that’s not how I want to work. Pluging oxygen 49 back in, all piano samples worked flawlessly in lower octave. On the maudio, you can program multiple velocities to trigger 3 different brass effects, not on a800. You also have option of programming Midi mmc for transport. Not on A800. I realize I’ve only had it 3 days,but maudio was up and running in 3 hours. Plus side was kybd felt great.
  9. I’m waiting for my unit to arrive today. I wondered if the sliders let you enter data for 2 different values like my old maudio. For ex in jabb cc15 controls multiple brass effects. A value of 33 to 63 triggers one effect,64 to 100 another. You get the idea. Hate using multiple sliders for 3 brass articulation effects. Thanks, Mike Warren
  10. I just ordered a roland a800 pro. Comes with a map for Sonar. I’m hoping this does the job. Check this out on you tube. May do the job for you. It’s arriving today. I’ll try to respond tomorrow with a review.
  11. Thanks, that should work. I appreciate you taking time to answer
  12. Is there a way of having metronome default to 1 bar count in instead of always changing 0 bars to 1 looked through the .ini files, but didn’t see anything. I know it seems trivial but it saves a step. I mean globally, not for that one composition, but every new piece would default to 1 bar count off.
  13. I usually drag addictive drums in to have multiple outs for each trap piece. Old habits die hard for player. Live and learn. Now that I've used up my reservoir of cliches Thank you again. I'll post tomorrow after trying out.
  14. You may have solved my problem. This option doesn't appear when adding Kontakt as FX in audio track. If I drag from the browser, it gives me the midi out option. Now midi tracks let me input output of the Kontakt player to that track. I've been on this all day and don't have the time to experiment except for dragging from explorer, and seeing that output now appears in the input dropdown box. Thanks a million in advance if it works. I'll respond again tomorrow. Mike Warren
  15. In some other Daws, you can route another Kontakt Instrument to trigger Midi on a separate other instrument. Ex: Kontakt Library patch to a vintage horns patch. I go to Kontakt preferences and select Send Midi to Outside World, choose CCs and Notes. Looking at youtube examples other programs show a dropdown of Kontakt Out that you would select for the Input of a 2nd track. This doesn't appear as an option in Sonar. It only shows my input devices (Kybd, controller, etc., Virtual Instruments) , but no Kontakt out option. Is that not supported in Sonar or am I doing it wrong. I'm running Kontakt as a soft synth in Sonar, not as a stand alone instrument. I only use 1 instance of Kontakt and multiple midi tracks addressing different midi channels and patches in Kontakt Any ideas or workarounds any users came across? Thanks, Michael Warren
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