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  1. I may be missing a setting somewhere, but when I mnimize several screens, hovering over the minimized tab does not show name or thumbnail. My os is w10 pro 64 bit. I usually end up wasting a lot of time opening a tab, then closing since it’s not the one I want to focus on. That’s in c by b. In a normal windows desktop, hovering a mouse over minimizes tab shows a thumbnail and app name. Any suggestions on how I could work around this? Thanks in advance, Mike Warren
  2. First, I do have snap to grid off. If I want to copy a passage to another track, I select the target track, then use goto for where I want data placed. For example, Goto 3.1.480. I then paste it, but it always seems to go beats or ticks forward.. I'm sure it's something simple that I'm missing for such a simple procedure. I've used the regular copy choice, and Copy special. In copy special I choose the time to insert 3.01.480 and 1 repetition, replace old data with new. Do not slide, and still it may not come in as expected. I'm choosing the time to insert looking at the first note in the midi clip. If the note starts on the 3rd beat, should I choose the 1st beat of that bar to paste the material I've copied? I'm now spending more time sliding copied material by ticks or beats then actually spending time on the composition part. Any ideas? Again, I know it's probably something I'm doing wrong because no one else seems to have that problem. Thanks in advance,
  3. Checked this morning to see if clips were linked they were not. I'm just assuming that it was a bad day for the application. After restarting I did not experience that problem. I guess it's solved. For now. But thank you everyone for the suggestions a great forum.
  4. Just another thought. once I restarted move works like it should work so I don't think the clips word link but I will check it for your suggestion thank you
  5. I'm always wary of Link clips but with such erratic behavior that's a possibility that I haven't checked yet. I usually always check for that but there's always the possibility of brain fog after working hours trying to clean stuff up. Thanks I'll get back to you tomorrow when I try it probably about 3 a.m. in the morning.
  6. Michael Warren

    Move Tool Problem.

    Started today. In prv view, I select my track, then use the select tool to choose notes I’m going to move. Next I select move tool using T shortcut. I move the selected passage, close prv window and find that all my tracks, beside the one selected have also had their contents moved. I undid the action, double checked which track was selected and went through the same move process I described. Again, all tracks contents from my selection in the target track moved. Restarting Cakewalk solved the problem (for now). Was I using the wrong tool (Select) to select notes to move? Is there another way I should be doing this?
  7. Once finished with preference menu and click on apply, I’d like the menu to close, not have to select OK. Also a dedicated tempo track.
  8. Solved. The Miroslav Philharmonik 2 appears as 3 different times used as plugin. 2.1, 2.2, 2.3. The string family individual outputs should all go to the same instance of Philharmonik. Somehow they ended up going to different instances. Don’t ask me why. I only use one instance and then populate to different channels in the one plugin. Yesterday, everything was perfect, and today outputs scrambled to nonexistent instances of Miroslav. Changed all outputs to the only instance and everything working properly.
  9. Just started happening. I’ll work on piece and can play back entire composition hearing all parts. I’ll then go to solo one track, Midi meters show activity, but plugin instrument not sounding or indicating vol. or midi activity. If I hit play, all tracks work. One other puzzle is that if I have 10 bars of strings, go to PRV screen and enter additional notes, they are displyed in a different color and do not sound on entry or playback. It’s starting to get extremely frustrating when most of my composition time is spent trying to figure out bugs instead of being creative. I don’t want to learn a new DAW, but quickly losing confidence in Cakewalk. i7 3.40 mghz 24 gb of memory 1 tb ssd and 1tb sata. w10 pro. Again, just started happening. I did roll back to previous update with same problem
  10. Thanks again for your very informative response. I got the Maudio Code 61 and it transmits Mackie on port 3. Trying to find an act template for it, but no luck. I may have to program buttons which I've done before in Act. Funny my bluetooth Logitech Kybd has rewind/play/pause button that work right out of the box. You'd think they would have made it just as easy with controllers.
  11. I thnk Azslow may have been correct with his midi loop suggestion. I have had no problem since deleting multiple ACT presets in cakewalk by bandlab. I’m still not sure because there was no problem usuing multiples with the oxygen 49. If. It aint broke don’t fix it. Just a side note. I’m not a keyboard player, but for a controller the code 61 keyboard action feels great. Brochure does not mention semi weighted, but it is. Thanks to all for your suggestions. I’m ending this thread since all is good. Mike Warren
  12. No latency in Finale V25. I then went back to Cakewalk and went to preferences, control surfaces. I had multiple ACT MIDI CONTROLLER - X with in Port Code 61 and Out Port Code 61. I deleted all but the one that said Act Midi Controller - 1 and applied. That seemed to fix the problem, but it's been so squirelly, I'm not sure if that will only work for the next 5 minutes. I give up after hours of wasted time today. I'm stopping for the rest of the day and getting a cup of coffee. Thank you for all your suggestions. I'll probably post results tomorrow if I can create for an hour. I did move the USB cable to 2.0 instead of 3. Of course it's worked the last 2 or more years in 3.0 usb, but it is a computer and it is Tuesday so who knows. Thanks to all again, Mike Warren
  13. I only have one controller plugged in at a time
  14. I’m using no audio fx. Just tested with kontakt using one patch. Same setup as last 2 years. Beginning to think it’s my ur22 audio interface. I’m going to try changing usb cable and some other usb ports. Never happened before with oxygen 49, now it does with it and the code 61. Everything was fine over the last week until today. All drivers and firmware are up to date.
  15. This just started happening. As I'm playing, first every note is responsive, but then after 2 or 3 measures latency starts and as I continue, it almost takes a second after pressing not for Audio to respond. I'm using an Oxygen 49 with midi over usb and didn't have the problem. I purchased a Code 61 and after a day the problem started. I switched back today to the 49 and again the latency slowly gets longer and longer as I play through measures. I have tried on various instrumental patches using Kontakt or other plugins with same problem. I have buffer size in Asio panel set at 256 samples. The device is a Steinberg UR22. Any ideal why this is happening? Right now the program is unusable to compose or record with this radical latency. Thanks in advance, Mike Warren
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