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  1. Hi again. Got CbB to ignore the pitch wheel (in case anyone else wants to try, edit>preferences>MIDI - playback and record' untick Pitch Wheel). Seems to be OK. Thanks for advice given. Hope it stays OK!!!
  2. Thanks for all the advice. I think my next move will be setting up cbb to ignore pitch wheel cc. Have seen the same thing on boards for other DAWs (Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and Cubase to name but three), and they all suggest a pitch wheel problem. I'll report back when I've had time to try it. Again, thanks.
  3. peter.olsen3

    Midi tracks go flat.

    Just been recording an instrumental idea. Using Dimension Pro for piano and Spitfire/BBC for string parts. Piano chords first-OK. Celli next-OK. Basses-fine. Violins-nice. Then played back to do mix, and the piano track went (slightly) flat during playback. Had this before and cured it by re-taking the offending track. Has anybody had anything similar? BTW, if you haven't already done so, get the Spitfire software: it's really great sounding, and they'll let you have the basic version in return for completing a survey. Cheers.
  4. peter.olsen3

    ACT problem

    Been trying to install my Panorams 1 using ACT Learn. It sort of works a bit, but the parameters for faders 1 and 2 can't be separated. By this I mean that when I move fader 1, fader 2 does the same and vice-versa. The pans are fine. I don't want to bin the Panorama as I use it in Reason, and it works OK there. Tried updating CW, but no luck. Any ideas bearing in mind that I am not a computer genius? Using Windows 10/2004. Thanks.
  5. Lately , I've been getting the above error. It seems not to follow a pattern, but I can no longer record - had to go back to Reason! Has anyone experienced this problem? Anyone know how to fix it, or is it Uninstall/reinstall? Thanks for any help, Pete.
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