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  1. ahhhhhhh thanks @scook you're the best!
  2. Had a format/reinstall and I can't remember if I ever found a way to get rid of the 5 most recent VST's used which always display at the top? Is there a way to do this, or is it stuck there? Thanks in advance!
  3. (Thanks for your replies) Sorry, I meant two notices in my Cakewalk account online. No link to download standalone v1.0.2.18 from there. This is what I did for PC4K installation, which worked. All my CCC items are just RED. I can't install the libraries either, for example, with similar results. In a burst of smart, I copied the folder OLD_C_DRIVE:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities\Internal\ProChannelConcreteLimiter and it shows up, but doesnt pass audio and says "Plugin Not Installed Correctly"
  4. Had to do a format/re-install, and lost some ProChannel plugins I regularly use. I was able to get PC4k installed, no problem. But I can't find Concrete Limiter, despite having 2 of them in my account. When I try to install via Command Center, it says "Cannot locate the required version of the program on this system. Please install the correct version of the program to use this patch" Is there a workaround?
  5. Like OP, I've also had this since forever (more than 10+ years now?) Sonar crashes; this happens randomly at random times, its not a plugin or a WoW or thing I'm doing, but it stays in memory until I try to "force close" it from Task Manager. Most of the time Sonar will restart. Otherwise I must reboot. I've brought this up over the years here, but never got a final answer on it. I think this is still hardware driver related. I believe this is still the M-Audio MIDISPORT 8x8 driver, although it also might be the NI Maschine hardware driver. I don't think its RME drivers as I've never seen them stuck.
  6. I'm with OP: mine autosaves all the time, so much so that its interrupting my workflow. And i also get crashes when it does. I'll try setting to 0 and 10 min and see if it improves.
  7. This happens 100% of the time on my crashes, which are about once a day? I always assumed it was a problem letting go of my MIDIMAN MIDISPORT 8x8 Drivers, and the only solution is to reboot.
  8. THANK YOU, SIR. This worked perfectly, although I had to "disinherit properties" in order to ONLY select READ as my user.
  9. Hey Gang--- Happy Holidays! I've recently become annoyed at the constant "last 5 used" plugins at the top of every Plugin Manager selection. While I appreciate the thought, I want to hide it. Is there a way to disable this or "not show" the last 5 plugins (Audio and Synths) thanks!
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