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  1. I'm with OP: mine autosaves all the time, so much so that its interrupting my workflow. And i also get crashes when it does. I'll try setting to 0 and 10 min and see if it improves.
  2. This happens 100% of the time on my crashes, which are about once a day? I always assumed it was a problem letting go of my MIDIMAN MIDISPORT 8x8 Drivers, and the only solution is to reboot.
  3. THANK YOU, SIR. This worked perfectly, although I had to "disinherit properties" in order to ONLY select READ as my user.
  4. Hey Gang--- Happy Holidays! I've recently become annoyed at the constant "last 5 used" plugins at the top of every Plugin Manager selection. While I appreciate the thought, I want to hide it. Is there a way to disable this or "not show" the last 5 plugins (Audio and Synths) thanks!
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