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  1. Вышел новый EP Paradush "Останови момент"! Согреться, сохранить музыку! EP Stop the moment on Spotify YouTube
  2. Beautiful song composed by Marcus Ribeva and lyrics by Marcus Ribeva e Adriana Raquel recorded by Paradush band, Kiev, Ukraine at Kaska Records. soundcloud
  3. Paradush released a song using Portuguese words. Song Please rate)
  4. Small Town In a small town where nothing ever changes For many winters and summers There are flowers in the windows of all the houses, At night in the bakery oven is burning And the bread is baked, The bridges will soon be connected, A janitor sweeps the pavement with a broom, It's such a lonely sound, And there's nobody around. Storms and troubles have passed by My small town. In a small town on the river There's silence and quietness, Water flows slowly. I would go back there in the winter, Like to my own home Just before the New Year To listen to the snow fall outside the window, As a dream of those distant days, And to see the eyes of my friends... It's a pity that I will never, ever get there.
  5. Thanks! This is an imitation of rain! To create such a sound, we used an ordinary plastic bag))) Maybe someday we will change the vision of this song, but at the moment Paradush is creating new songs! Thank you for showing interest and taking the time to listen!
  6. Who has experience in recording jazz compositions using tube preamps?
  7. TELEGRAPH AUDIO™ is a new brand of analogue audio equipment, based in Ukraine. In the age of digital technologies, the market offers rather small amount of high-quality vacuum tube equipment. But the connoisseurs of a warm tube sound will fully appreciate our devices – because we do care about the exclusivity of sound and the reliability of our products. Our mission is to enable sound engineers, producers and other music industry creators to produce unique masterpieces. Device assembly is done by hand using best-quality, durable components. The base of our equipment is chips that are made in Ukraine according to standards approved by the National Academy of Sciences. The design, routing and laconic placement of components are carried out by skilful and experienced engineers of Telegraph Audio™. In “Limited Edition” devices we use original vintage transformers, manufactured at legendary LOMO factory. Channel strip ТА-37 (Limited Edition) is a combination of a vacuum tube preamp, two band equalizer and optical compressor. This is an ideal device for smooth processing of vocals, bass, a wide range of musical instruments. Video review on Youtube Specifications: Mic input impedance: 1 kOhm Line impedance (balanced): 15 kOhms Instrument input impedance: 1 MOhm Mic maximum input signal: -10 dBu (with Pad -15 dB) Max output level: +10 dBu Recommended (minimum) load impedance: 600 Ohm Frequency response: 30Hz – 19kHz +/- 1 dB Max gain: +70dB (mic), +35dB (line) Equivalent input noise: -80 dB Vacuum tubes: 6Ж32П(x1), 6Н32П(x1), 6Н3П(x2),6Н2П(x2), 6П1П(x1) Treble turnover frequency: 10 kHz +10 dB -8 dB Bass turnover frequency: 80 Hz +10 dB -8 dB Connector type: XLR Attack: 12ms Release: up to 1s. Indication of signal output level and compression level Power supply: 110/240 В (switch automatically), 50/60 Hz Size: 2U Rack You can purchase the TA -37 at eBay Contact us through FB Our website - http://telegraph-audio.com
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