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  1. So I gave that a shot. Not what I am looking for. Still applies a stretch algorithm instead of letting the audio waveform play back naturally, meaning that a higher pitch should shrink the length of the waveform and a lower pitch should expand the waveform length. ACID and Reaper do this easily and quickly. I figured it was a pretty standard feature for DAWs, but I may be mistaken. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.
  2. I will try this when I get home. Thank you.
  3. Hi, users. I’m not finding any way to change the pitch of an audio clip without activating the loop or stretch functions in the clip inspector. This would be extremely disappointing, so I hope I am just missing something. Sometimes I just want to change the pitch of an audio clip and still have it play back naturally, without any time stretching algorithms messing it up. If Cakewalk cannot do this then I might have to try a different DAW.
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