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  1. Hello after many researches it seems that Cakewalk doesn't implement compatibility with Jack Transport. In the roadmap of Cakewalk is it planned to implement this capability? Thanks.
  2. Hello On my side i use a behringer UCA202 (cheap external USB soundcard) and ASIO4ALL drivers (v2.14). Note that with UCA202 came with free softwares... interesting for the price (about 23€), download them from Behringer website. When using Cakewalk i have issues with may Realtek that was taking the ASIO, so i decided that when using Cakewalk with ASIO i deactivate the Realtek so that ASIO drivers has the only choice of UCA202 and this works well and it is stable.
  3. Hello i succesfully connect Cakewalk to Jack_router. My Cakewalk can receive inputs from Jack_router and send ouputs to Jack_router. But i don't find how to trigger Cakewalk Transport when launching Transport in Jack (via Qjackctl). Does anybody have an idea on how to do this? I only see that is possible to trigger Cakewalk with MMC but it's not what i am looking for for my project. Thanks.
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