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  1. I have (pl see video) but I am facing some problems in getting the 5.1 signal inputs recognized and want the 5.1 meters all appear together for better visualization. Sorround bridge (which pairs the surround channels) is not providing this feature. It appears Cakewalk can provide since their Sorround compressors does the 5.1 metering all under one screen. I am in touch with folks at Cakewalk by Bandlab who are trying to help me. Cakewalk HaloUpmix.mp4
  2. One more bug in Cakewalk.. When you activate a) Arpreggiator and b)Latch on a Kontakt Instrument track, even after you release/deactivate both, the instrument still keeps playing and cakewalk had to be shut down and re started. Please fix this issue Thanks & Regards
  3. Hi Greetings Development Cakewalk Team and my fellow Cakewalk users, I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I have been using cakewalk for the last 10 years. I am glad that efforts are made to continuously improve it. While it is appreciated that new features would be added, please also pay attention to cakewalk's instability and hanging issues. I experienced the following so far:- 1. When I want to freeze a single track out of a group of tracks assigned to a synth instrument, it freezes all the tracks assigned to that synth. Allow individual track freeze 2. When opening the ASIO4all driver panel through cakewalk and make some changes , the audio engine stops and re starts but play keeps playing. You can't stop it and have to exit and re start cakewalk I think it is important to address ASIO4all issue in a holistic sense so that you may try your best to test many what-if scenarios and resolve them. These issues have given me enough headaches such as input/outputs not working well or erratic, audio dropouts. Better help file information is required with all suggested corrective actions rather than stating "unknown error with a code" Alternatively , provide your own ASIO driver with good features possible. Some of the other products do. 3. Wave forms are lost at times when a clip in a track lane is bounced or converted Stereo/mono. Clearing picture cache folder did not help. This is actually a disaster for a professional category DAW.I experienced yesterday. I am re-doing all the automation edits from my previous backup. 4. Trying to experiment with plug-ins on a playing track makes cakewalk to crash. This is same as situation with ASIOALL driver ( trying to change its settings while playin progress). Either you disallow such change in playing mode or make cakewalk stable handle this situation. 5. I also strongly suggest test scenarios for cakewalk stability when building/editing audio tracks for a imported video file. For example, the scrubbing of tracks do not give a smooth and well synchronized motion on the video. Therefore, it is very difficult to put marker points correctly. Just to make sure the cause is not limitation of my DELL PC with 3.20 GHz processor, 32 GB RAM , it works quite well with my video editors. 6. Please also consider adding your own mastering stock plug-ins for stereo/ surround up mix and downmix for 5.1/ 7.1, Dolby ATMOS etc. It is very essential for producing audios associated with movies. Because some third party sorround mastering plugins do not work in Cakewalk but no problem with pro tools, Logicpro , Cubase which my friends use. I will also continue to give feedback so that we can get these issues resolved and enjoy using cakewalk by Bandlab with good satisfaction. Thanks Ali
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