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  1. In this discussion, when discussing moving to one DAW or another as the tasks require, are we talking about moving a full project from one DAW (say CbB) to another DAW (say Reaper or SonarX3) or just moving individual audio or midi in and out of different DAWs as the tasks require, and then back into the full project in the original DAW? Or something else?
  2. Great stuff, guys. I hope to see more of this in the coming weeks. From everyone actually. Was this streaming concert easy to set up? I'm also working on a way band members can work together on DAW over the internet instead of being together in one room (bad idea right now), to work on recording overdub tracks or arranging and producing (these tasks are latency tolerant). Incidentally, I am hoping DAW software or plugins are on the way to providing turn-key 'remote audio', so band members can hear the DAW output over the internet. All we need is a plugin that each member can pop into their local DAW that will tote audio from one IP/port to another. Programs like 'Zoom' are already available for remote control of the DAW mouse and keyboard, but the 'audio-across-internet' component remains a problem. There are some early adopters providing VST plugin solutions, no messing with ports or mask address, etc., but they are by subscription only - and they use a server in the loop..
  3. With Covid-19 on the rise, writing, arranging, recording, and mixing music together with others by way of 'virtual presence' has become a necessity for many, and is an important and desirable option for all recording musicians, and latency is not an issue for such tasks. Like for example, the simple VST plugins that stream audio into and out of one DAW to another across the internet, by simply acting as send and return 'insert' plugins on the audio buses. A few tens of ms. latency doesn't matter. Does Bandlab have any plans to provide such functions, or have any such thing now?
  4. Thanks, scook. Success! That worked to restore X3. I guess I will wait until this project I started in X3 is finished before trying CbB further. Now that i'm in the editing and mixing phase of this project, i had hoped to try the 'elastic' audio features in CbB that started happening in Sonar after X3, to fix a few spots that will otherwise take much longer to repair. It looks like BbB comes with a lot of good stuff, and the learning curve is right, so i'm going to try to make the two software play well together again in the coming days, i'm sure i just botched something during install. If there's a way to get an installation wrong i'll find it. 🙂 Until then I have CbB instructional videos.
  5. UPDATE #2: Thanks all for your suggestions, folks. I have uninstalled CbB for the moment. Now i seem to have removed a couple of the 'pro channel' modules from the 'Shared utilities' folder when i uninstalled. I stopped removing these files during CbB uninstall, but not before i realized what was being removed was 'pro channel' files. Does anyone know the procedure i should take to make my shared utilities folder whole again? I'm hoping i can just drop some files in the folder - 'tape' and one other module (i think it was the tube saturation module). As it is X3 closes program upon not finding these modules in the folder. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks for the help, Robert, scook. So - Sonar is on C:/Program Files/Cakewalk/ Sonar X3 Producer. I am still looking for where Bandlab Cakewalk went. What is the CbB folder called? When i install Bandlab CW, I installed using all default settings, folders and files. Another thing pointing to the shared utilities folder is this - when i went to uninstall Bandlab i got a warning that i may be removing a shared file or files, so i aborted the uninstall. I do see the bitbridge .exe and .dll files there in the C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities In windows 'Start' I see the Cakewalk folder, and inside there are Sonar X3 and Cakewalk by Bandlab.
  7. UPDATE: Ok, in Sonar X3 - when opening a .cwp in Sonar, i continued to click "OK" to the pop up that says it can't find the 'bitBridge' module, for what seemed like a hundred times and finally the pop up went way, and i was able to open and run the .cwp. This is a major relief, and gives me hope, but something is definitely not right here, so my quest for assistance goes on, and i hope this helps. 😐
  8. Hi guys. So i just installed Bandlab Cakewalk on speculation, because my Sonar X3 lacks the audio beat detector features. I'd heard on a Bandlab sponsored youtube video that bandlab won't affect other Cakewalk programs like Sonar X3. So I installed it successfully, but have not run it - instead, to be sure all was still well with Sonar, restarted the machine. Then i opened Sonar X3. When opening the same .cwp i had been working on, i encounter an repeating 'press Ok' error message - that reads "cannot find 'bitbridge' ...". So my question is - how can i contact support engineers, to resolve this issue, email or otherwise, before i end up in even more trouble? Thanks. Otherwise i will have to uninstall bandlab and hope it hasn't caused a😵 permanent malfunction. I need my Sonar X3 DAW. If that doesn't get Sonar X3 working again, i'll guess i'll also have to roll the machine back and hope that works. Anyone have any suggestions or insights? Thanks all. I have not yet run Bandlab cakewalk, Windows 10, up to date. 64bit pro, 16Gig 2.6GHz. i7Q
  9. Hi all. Why are there different number of little dots just under some plugins in track 'effects rack', and what do they indicate? Thanks, all.
  10. Hi guys. I have a project that was recorded to quantized midi drums, on a fixed grid, so certain parts may sound a little rushed and others a little slow. Before mixing, I want to free up the drums a bit so they are still just as smooth, and not necessarily with any 'swing' or 'feel', but with minor speed-ups and slow downs where appropriate, while total length of the song remains virtually the same - smooth, minor speed-ups and slow-downs. It would be nice to be able to grab the grid at a point, and slip the whole grid smoothly forward or back, between, say, two defined end points, the way you can do with audio clips using 'V-vocal'. Is there a way to do this same thing, or similar, for midi notes in a midi recording, in Sonar or Cakewalk by Bandlab? Failing that, what tools are available to get this done, in Cakewalk or other audio tools? Thanks, all.
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