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  1. Cool. My suggestion was to rule out a routing issue (if it works in PRV, then routing is correect), and when you convert to step sequencer, it only creates rows for the notes used in PRV (making it easy to indentfy the note assignments). I only use one drum map (AD2), but I use Step Sequencer a lot, and its use of drum maps makes using AD2 much easier. It's worth taking Scook's advice and setting up a rum map for your drum VST.
  2. Does it work from PRV. If so, try creating a bar of beats, then converting to step sequencer.
  3. I use step sequencer, and having the names displayed is really handy for working with different articulations, having all 12 hats available together for example.
  4. Pretty much the same here. The swapping valves interested me. I made some requests about the looper 6 months ago, but there are mixed feelings on it, but at least they have invested in it, so may want to get it right. One youtube review talked about a tighter stronger bass response in all the models, which may be the tipping point, being I use it for bass a lot. Seeing some of overlouds recent sales, I think I can wait (saving for a motorbike)
  5. Yeah, the last installer update led nowhere.
  6. 'Destroying' seems to be the current youtube click bait title, unless its a science/engineering channel. Part of the problem is watching something that shows fault in someones position, is that it then causes anything with that person name being suggested, which is often then 'pro' that person.
  7. Youtube seems to be on a mission to make me watch him. You can tell a video suggestion you're not interested for a number of reasons, but for 'anything with Jordan Peterson in the title'. deleting watch history doesn't stop youtube spewing suggestions at me.
  8. I got rid of my Emu 6400 ultra a few years back. The person who bought it was so chuffed to get it. So one way of looking at it, would be will it be getting the use it was made for. You could always put the money into something physical, such as a mic, so you can always have the connection.
  9. Try hitting F, for fit to screen. If that doesn't work H, and see if its hidden for some reason.
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