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  1. Is anyone using this in Cakewalk. I've done a few searches on MPE, and I'm a bit confused to if it's supported. I've got Vital, so I have a compatible synth, but I also have an external synth (Hydrasynth), but I'm not sure if it works with external synths
  2. Is the a process that can convert CC64 into note length in Cakewalk. I can't see how, but on another forum someone is saying this funtion has been in sequencers for ages, and is useful for cutting down MIDI data. I said it's not in my sequencer without naming it, and he named several sequencers included cakewalk as having this function. Seems a simple idea om the face of it, but I can't see how cakewalk would select which event to to translate into a note lengtgh, assuming the process would set a range that 0 and 127 would be in ticks or something. My pedal is just an on/off, so I assume he has a more expressive pedal.
  3. So do we pronounce you name Bradford or Bratfud? *I lived in Leeds (1993 while 2000),
  4. Shimmer Shake Strike XLN Mallets XLN XO Melodyne upgraded from Studio 4 to 5 Scaler 2.5 And this from Thomann, But it won't arrive for 6 weeks I also ordered these, but they weren't in the sales, just on my wish list for the year This is due i stock 17th December, hence the whole delivery taking 6 weeks
  5. They are kind of both. They Diatonic are to one key, with all the intervals available to be chromatic. But they get a bit crazy as you go up the octave. I'm not sure I'd call them easier though.
  6. I stepped away from computer music for almost 2 years, focused on instruments and, even braved a couple of open mic nights to sing and play guitar (even though i am far from thinking of of my self a as singer). Got my new computer fixed and went into Black Friday with 2 aims. Get the last AD2 kit I wanted (mallets because I like acoustics sounds with my electronic) and to upgrade melodyne Studio because chords tracks and all the functions are something I really want Cakewalk to have, and seem melodyne incorporate just seemed a major plus for creativity. I didn't want to buy any instruments or FX, I have enough, but things to help the workflow and creativity would fit my goals But first I picked up was shimmer shaker strike, which although an instrument, is one that compliments my go to percussion and being able to create a quick realistic percussion vibe felt a creative choice. Then I grabbed Scaler. I use a midi Chords plugin, but Scaler 2.5 looks to encourage interesting progressions and would fit with Melodyne chord tracks (and hopefully Cakewalks when it gets there) XLN's XO was a spur of the moment decision, but I like step sequencers and if it's process can take me down some different avenues, then it's fits my aim, for creative plugs (no Instruments/FX) I did look at upgrading my Applied Acoustics collection, and my TH3, but they're fine. I can come back to these in the future if I really feel the need. The complete curve ball (if you'll allow me to borrow the expression) was seeing a 15% off something I didn't know existed, but for much more expensive versions. I've wanted a midi vibraphone for decades but they are like 4 grand. But this one isn't, and I due to make an order wit Thomann for 2 synths shortly, so the shipping is split (if they don't up the shipping that is). I'm still on the fence, it's pushing my budget, but I think it comes off sale tomorrow, so I'll have to pull the trigger soon if I will
  7. Why am I still here, why am I even looking. I've hit my targets this year, got some extras, I'm good. Wasted time looking at upgrading TH3 to THU yesterday, but TH3 is fine. Instead of using what I've just purchased. Now I'm looking at Tokyo Dawn, I know I like these, I knw they are good. but I have these covered. by other plugs Itchy time of year and buying doesn't scratch for long.
  8. Ahh, I didn't know about that. Look cool. If they just made a controller only version.
  9. Yeah, I don't get it. Expressive midi devises are more popular than ever, lots of software and sample libraries responds to breath controllers by default. I don't know why Yamaha dropped out of the game. The new Akai I think is the nicest shape they've done, but I still prefer the look and levers of the Yamaha. A USB version seems like a now brainer right now.
  10. He used to play sax in my fried's funk band. I have the Yamaha WX5
  11. I went with JRR yesterday and upgraded Studio from 4-5, I had a look at the posts from last November and it seemed you could do various upgrades, but the Studio 4-5 wasn't one of them. Went into the BF with XLN Mallets and Melodyne 4-5 Studio Upgrade as my only key purchases. So I'm pretty content now, although I did grade Shimmer Shake Strick, XLN XO and Scaler Having chord tracks in Melodyne really appeals to me, and in the past it was a feature request for Sonar I made and supported. Now I have Scaler too, I'm really hoping this trend for chord and key info being built in, in music production is picked up by bandlab. And would tie everything to together nicely. As the silabance and breath control in Melodyne is based of non harmonic sounds, I'm hoping with will tackle other noizes from instruments, such as string and finger noise, as well as my breathing on flute.
  12. When I posted up a few threads back about messaging XLN to do a mallets kit, there was another suggestion I made but I couldn't remember what it was. Hot rods kit, an unplugged kit for acoustic rock. EDIT:Sorry missed your last point. Just a bog Jim Henson Fan Would love to play the drums, but Bass is my main focus now, if by focus I mean in a myopic way.
  13. I don't know EZ drummer. I don't understand the concept of a hip hop kit though. Were 4 decaeds into hip hop, so I don't know what it would sound like. The Hip Hop I like would easily be covered by the vintage kits that already come. But the more modern stuff, isn't that's whats XO is all about. Reggae is a fair point. I'm not big on reggae, but it's big enough a genre to have kit recorded in say Studio One
  14. I'm kind of with you with the brush kit, which is why I messaged them about making an alternative snare as a nitpicker. There are a number of articulations on the brush snare below the kick drum. So it would have made a worth while kit piece to buy. And helped the brush kit move away from a Jazz sound to a folk sound. Although it's not so bad at that. 'Welcome Home' Demo https://www.xlnaudio.com/products/addictive_drums_2/adpak/modern_jazz_brushes
  15. Apart from the machines they sampled, What machines would you ad for variety. Any kit can be made LoFi. They go into studios to record kits in their ambiance. LoFi is what happens to a kit after. It's kind of the point of the RC-20. All the kits can be made dry, by pulling off the room and overhead spill. The dry kit had a dampened kit in a absorbent studio. I'm not really getting you here.
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