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  1. Thanks, yeah I can do it easily enough in PRV and Events, just seeing if I ,missing something with Staff View actions.
  2. I'm not having an issue with moving selected notes. Select > right click, they al move. But the right click on individual notes moves notes chromatically. If I want to grab all the Es for a two bars and move to Eb, I can't use the right click, because the right click has another function fore groups of selected notes. How can I move groups of selected notes chromatically? I don't want to change the key sig, nd it's not a modulation to another key, just two bars moving out of key. Or can't I?
  3. I'm on the fence if mine's signing it's own death sentence.
  4. The Motu isn't available in Vietnam, so would take ages to get here and have extra delivery and tax charges. If I went for a new card it would definitely be the focus rite. But I need a bit more evidence this is a driver issue before blaming the Quad's driver. Drivers normally effect latency and drop outs, I've never seen any post about devices repowering on their own. Going to run my small work laptop on the quad later to see how it performs.
  5. 5.75 million from the Cakewalk owner's shop. https://www.sweelee.com.vn/products/focusrite-scarlett-4i4-3rd-generation 4.625 Million + import tax from Thomann. Not a bad deal from Meng
  6. You'd hardly recognize Da Nang now, It's become a modern City, with many new bridges spanning the river Han. Old Hoi An would still look the same.
  7. Just uninstalled the driver, and rebooted, so windows would reinstall, then downloaded the drivers and reinstalled the driver manually. results are the same. Only showing 2 outputs, but when I check the windows select option, all 4 show.
  8. As my HP has been sitting in the cupboard for over 18 months, my quad has been connected to my old Samsung, which is on current windows. It has been working faultlessly. So I am hesitant to blame the quad. And while my issue is still happening on the new PSU, it's happening far less. I am wondering if a component on the power board has been stressed by the use of a crappy PSU. I've also don't trust Vietnamese electricity supply, and there is no grounding in use here. Yesterday my work laptop was on, but the screen was off, and if I'm not mistaken it woke back up again at the same time as my Quad restarted on my HP. I do have my HP connected to Volatge stabilizer (was given to me by a friend returning to Canada). Having said that though, I have just ordered a mini hardware mixer for my DAWless set up, and the Focusrite 4i4 would give me 2 extra line inputs I could use to connect the mixer too. Should have ordered it at the same time,, as Thomann would be cheaper than locally, but at least the focusrite is available here. My order from Germany won't come for about 4 weeks though, so I could get the Focusrite quicker,
  9. Hi John, Worked fin all last night. Woke up this morning, and had 4 restarts. Gah!, still at it!
  10. May of had a break through today. part of the problem is that it's happens in phases. Remembered that it didn't seem to be happening on Battery, but on PSU (A situation confused buy the inclusion of a failing USB adapter). This afternoon, it was being a nightmare. Spet and hour testing with and without the PSU plugged in, until my battery ran out. Went to a laptop repair place I'm starting to have faith in. He tested the PSU said it worked fine, but wasn't 'Zim'., his colleague even wrote it down. as 'Zim'. Seems this is how they thought 'Genuine' was spelt and written in English. Despite their tests showing it worked, they were surprised I bought a new one anyway. So far my Soundcard has worked faultlessly since using the new PSU. I'm apprehensively happy, I hope this post doesn't jinx it. EDIT: I'm in Central Viet Nam btw, just realized this new forum doesn't have my location
  11. I have tried uninstalling the Unknown USBs, but they just return to that status on reboot
  12. Problems still persists. Currently trying connecting the soundcard after OS has started and completed. Any suggestions on anything to tie down would be welcome?
  13. Just woke up from a siesta to hear my fan running on full, Quad Capture was going crazy, Endpoint builder running on 32%. Found Realtek audio services was running, not at the top of the list, but jumping around, so I disabled that too. The CPU dropped. plugged the quad back in and it seems fine. Disabled from service.msc from startup.
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