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    On 11/26/2021 at 7:14 PM, MikeyT said:

    the Precision 7920 has got two of these processors in it and although they are at 2.2GHz they "turbo" up to 3.0GHz as required (I don't fully understand Dell's Turbo Boost thing). Furthermore, each processor has 10 cores each. So, I think the desktop probably does have more than enough power required by the minimum Cakewalk spec.

    Hi mikey, I don´t think so because the most DAW developer do give advices to turn off hyperthreading and turbo boost .

    The basic speed of your CPU is 2,2 Ghz., the minimum system requirement is 2,6 Ghz. As I wrote above :

    I´m am a happy camper   that on  my laptop ,an Intel I5-  2,4 Ghz CPU,  CbB  is running smooth , but  its the bottleneck

    of the system. 




  2. Hi mikey,

    if I remember right , the  minimum system requirements  for the CPU speed  running Cakewalk is 2,5 Ghz.

    My Laptop  is running smooth under 2,4 GHz  and a SSD.

    Intel CPU's of the "u" series have often been the reason for large latency on some laptops I have tested for running Cakewalk.

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