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  1. Hopefully in 30 years it is still possible to Life a good Life on Earth.
  2. Melodyne 5 around the corner .
  3. Thanks, it´s a nice freebie.
  4. Yes, a bad or not authorized plugin could be the cause.
  5. Have been waiting for the Vertigo vsm 3 for this price . The monthly voucher is working.Got the mastering 3 bundle for 52 Euro incl.VAT.
  6. VERTIGO VSM-3 🔥 New Mastering Bundle 3 NEW: MASTERING BUNDLE 3 Vertigo VSM-3, bx_dynEQ V2 & more ANY BUNDLE IN MAY: JUST $69* * Use Voucher Code: aNyBun69-0531 (copy/paste during checkout) Offers end May 31, 11:59 PM (23:59) California Time (PST) + 3 MORE BUNDLES - $69 EACH IN MAY! Use Voucher Code: aNyBun69-0531 (copy/paste during checkout) Offers end May 31, 11:59 PM (23:59) California Time (PST) * VAT will be applied to purchases made in the EU, only if applicable. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products.html?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=VERTIGO+VSM-3+🔥+New+Mastering+Bundle+3&utm_campaign=4+Bundles+Promos+incl++VSM-3++-++190501 The offers in this promotion are fixed price offers, so no Dynamic Discounts will apply. Dynamic Discounts apply to non-promotional plugins you purchase though.
  7. i think there are good reasons to give new plugins recommended by Focusrite via the plugin collective a try, cause I got already some high quality plugs from them for free, do you remember Phoenix and R2 verb, the D 16 sigmund or the XLN drums? So I gave the venomode plugs a try and must admit that the DeeQ and the Pivot eq´s are working very unusual with audio signals. Yes, I have uncounted vst eq´s in my box, but not many working in this way. So I can recoommend to try the 2 eq´s of Venomode as creative tools. It´s possible to only install the vst 3 64 bit versions via the venomode installer.
  8. Yep, the Fabfilter Pro Q 3 is a real monster , means it´s affordless to cut a signal in the frequencies. For mastering and busses (groups ) and for narrowband signal cutting aso even the Pro Q 1 was my go to plug. If I need more "color and harmonic distotion there are other eq´s -Neve and SSL clones which make the sound bigger. The Fabfilter Q3 without the dynamic features "sounds" very neutral to my ears.
  9. I don-t think that way. The I 3770 is including a video chip and the fact, that it is after 6years still able to run Win 10 ,Cakeawlk aso very comfortable,,qualifies the price, paid 240 bucks that time .The i5 9700k is about 260 bucks, so this is a good offer for now..
  10. I haven´t been aware that the Fabfilter Q3 has dynamic features . Will check this out.
  11. Thanks for the hind, got the upgrade Q1 to Q3 för 44 bucks via fabfilter online shop, it´s about 70 % cheaper .
  12. All D 16 plugs- specially Sigmund and the Soundtoys bundle.
  13. I´ll be using my Intel I 3770 as long as I live.
  14. I like the Shure sm57 mixed with an 12 years old SE Electronics 2200 a via a Golden Age Pre 73 micpre (Lundahl transformer ) for recording vocals , The next step is a Sennheiser MD441-U.
  15. Pragi

    RX Elements $10

    Thank you, got it for 10 bucks yesterday.😉
  16. W hat about a funeral for the old forum ?
  17. Here are some old vibes for you, hope you like it :
  18. Good deal,PA, got the SPL Transient designer plus for 29 bucks.
  19. The support@cakewalk.com managed to change the mail address of my "old" cakewalk account within 24 hours - flawless.😄 Thanks again.
  20. Is there nobody who knows if it is possible to change the mail address of the "old" cakewalk account without having trouble registering and authorizing X3 ,Splat aso ?
  21. Kush Audio-UP TO 40% OFF SAVE ON PLUGINS ALL WEEKEND LONG! UP TO 40% OFF SAVE ON PLUGINS ALL WEEKEND LONG! BUY OR SUBSCRIBE THE CHOICE IS YOURS! SALE ENDS MONDAY, SO GET ON IT! https://www.thehouseofkush.com/store I have an eye on the clarifonic eq. Does anybody know if there are sometimes better sales of Kush Audio `?
  22. Good that there are charts and hinds like that, but no mention of the Phoenix Verb and Relab lx 480 ? No way !
  23. Not that bad, but I already have several very good reverbs like Phoenix,R2 Breverb aso.. The M/S function could be interesting for some mixes.
  24. bx_rooM/S Reverb & M/S - A Perfect Match! Today Only! Just $29* bx_rooM/S 85% off today! Use Voucher Code: 24H-rooMS-29-190315 (copy/paste during checkout) How to use your Voucher Code Go to the Product Page and add the plugin to your cart Click CHECKOUT Copy / paste code 24H-rooMS-29-190315 Your price will change to just $29!* This plugin has a list price of $199 and is on public sale for $99 right now. With the voucher code above you will get it for just $29* That's 85% off! Offer starts now & ends March 15, 23:59 - California Time (PST)
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