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  1. I don´t have much time today :
  2. The world would be a more peaceful place ? 🙉
  3. To locate objects the Enterprise got the best SONAR.
  4. I haven´t known that Spock did use Logic 5.5., thanks for the info.
  5. Here a way to make the kick a little punchier
  6. So sad that there are less and less places and musicians who play Jazz like these guys above.. Art Davis did play with Coltrane ? That session you must have been very good
  7. Indeed, that sounds very good.
  8. Yes,what a great piano player he was , imo the greatest ever.
  9. LOUIE BELLSON, whom is credited with pioneering the use of two bass drums :
  10. Just came across this video showing B.Rich playing Muppet Show.
  11. To create an arrangement arround this flute sounds can only do a master arrangeur. This sounds good, Kenny.
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