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  1. I 'ld ike to travel Africa for for a percussion course, India for a course in indian scales aso,

    south america for salsa ,spain for a classic /

    Flamenco guitar course and France for Jazz/Avantgarde .

    The journey would probably  take 5- 10 years.

  2.  Hello John,

    yes the Nomad bus driver and the analog rack are very old items, magnetic 2 is  " new" .

    There are multiple tape machine Vst´s ( Slate Digital VTM, Soundtoys Decapitator´,  Softube Dirty Tape) in my box,  I havent been

    aware of the  PresonusTape Multitrack MixFX  , I will check it out.

    IMO Magnetic 2 is giving more  rough tape sound (good for HardRock ) as any  other plugin.

    By the way, Studio One Artist is til now the only DAW , which fits my needs as good as CBB does .

    Thanks for that.


  3. 5 hours ago, kennywtelejazz said:

    What is it to be useless?

    It is to be empty, free of striving to become something, to be anything special, without goal or attainment.

    To be useless is simply to relax, rest at ease, and allow our true nature to express itself in a simple, easy way.

    There is nothing to do, nothing to be, and nothing to attain.

    I'm nothing special. 

    You're nothing special.

    Everything we can perceive is impermanent, in the flow of life, constantly changing.

    If we free ourselves of goals and attainments, to truly let go of any wish to be a certain way, or to posess certain things or attributes, leaving everything alone, then we are truly Free.

    Without limit.

    Unbound and unbounded.

    This is true rest. 

    To be completely and utterly useless. 

    Like the tree.

    Life takes care of everything else.


     What a nice poem your are posting , Kenny , thank you.

    It is enough  to be , because then I`m not bound to be useless when accidentily being usefull.


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  4. 21 hours ago, Mr. Torture said:

    This is my question I ask myself everyday. I'm not a professional song writer, I don't have a full band, I'm 52 years old. There is no outlet to showcase my music and nobody cares about it anyways. I get the occasional like from a buddy, but I feel my era is long gone.

    I cannot compete with bands signed to labels like Frontiers and that's the level of quality I expect from myself. I end up with hard drives full of mediocre material. 

    It's a lot of work writing, performing, mixing music. So much that it takes the joy out of it. Years ago I could spend every waking moment working on songs, mixing etc. Now I have to force myself to work on it. Anyone else feel this way? Maybe it's just me and I need to give it up. How do you keep going? Where do you showcase your music? Do you get results your completely happy with? Do people actually like your stuff?

    I know your situation very well.

    For me it is working that way:

    I'm  keeping it simple, if I feel not in the mood, to play(yes, the word play) my Instruments  I don't play and create music.

    While I'm very  busy in earning money for daily life, I'm at least doing some technical exercises to stay halfway fit on my guitars and so.

    I'm happy that in handling it this way there is not much time when I don' t like to play, perhaps 4 weeks per year.

    I hope you 'll find a way to have fun playing music.



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  5. On 3/28/2022 at 9:44 AM, richard greenidge said:

    Been a Cakewalk user since Cakewalk DOS. After Cakewalk shut it down, I was given a discount to cross-grade to Digital Performer. I never like digital Performer. It was hard for me, to do projects, and a few months or years later I was rescued by Bandlab. I do a lot of animation with iClone, so I went up to 128GB RAM motherboards, and a i7 -6900 CPU. I notice the difference in animation programs, but not any improvement with Cakewalk or any updates. The only problem I had Cakewalk fixed it, then the next update, it was back, was the loop my drum tracks. after a few minutes in the songs, instead of the notes starting at .000, I was getting crazy numbers .457, and so forth. When Bandlab took over that was solved.  I've been using a Motu 24AO, since it came out and with two DACS, I was able to have 16 analog inputs, and 40 analog outputs to my 32 ch. mixer. Before the 24AO, I was using 2- 1010LT cards, and it gave me 16 channels of audio output from Cakewalk, but they never made a good Win 10 driver. 3 years ago, I bought the fastest CPU then, a Ryzen 9-3900X, used the 128 RAM. Cakewalk got worst, after an update, 4 minutes into a song, it would drop out even at the highest buffer settings. I saw where background programs, and formatting drives would stop it, so I took them all out. I re-loaded Bandlab to a clean install. My CPU would normally run at lower than 3%. Then after 4 minutes it would start climbing up to 8% activity and crap and spike out. Last November when I was able to transfer the 3900x to a 5950X, things got worst instead of better. You could barely see the CPU activity, under one percent. The final straw was last Thursday, when I had a simple two channel drum track. And recorded a vocal mono track for the first time in years, It, stopped recording within 15 seconds. This is after I bought faster memory. The drum track sounded tinny at some parts though. I remember two months ago, I opened my last version of Cakewalk, still on my machine. But I couldn't save the project, because they said I didn't buy it and I did. My songs seem to work fine, no 4 minutes plus problem. Before Bandlab, I was using 24-34 tracks of audio, and Midi with no problems on some songs. I bought an upgrade Digital Performer 9 a few years back, to buy muti-channel tracks of hit records from Mix the Music. I look at most of the DAW software on YouTube, and was ready to but DP11, until I saw how bad the GUI looked, and you couldn't use two screens. I finally settled on software from company beginning with a "M", and the software starts with a "S".  This is my second day to use it, in February I had 846 plug-ins, now down to 623. I changed the software directory to all the paths where the VST files are. And it loaded VST files, that Cakewalk would not work with anymore. Clon Ensemble, was my most important one. I can never find anything like it. I had since 2004. This program and others have free trial periods. I can two recording with it that would make me sound like a real group of people.  I was also getting some ringing on Bandlab, with two channel drums. I even lowered my audio interface to 44.1 kHz, 16 bits, but it still dropped out, With the new software I imported 18 tracks of audio at 48kHz X 16, and it worked on a 9 minute song, every time. I was sort of reluctant to purchase it today, because another software was bragging about it had now had comping recording, and I just started using Comp recording 6 years ago. I was happy this other software has comp recording also. With 18 tracks of audio playing, the CPU was around 2% max, the drives "0". I just wouldn't believe it was the software. Good luck with your projects to everyone. Almost 40 years of using Cakewalk has come to a end.  

    What is your question ?

  6. Sad news:

    Musician Mark Lanegan has died at the age of 57.

    The singer, songwriter and musician was known as the lead vocalist for Screaming Trees as well as being part of Queens of the Stone Age.

    ‘This thing was trying to dismantle me’: Mark Lanegan on nearly dying of Covid

    “Our beloved friend Mark Lanegan passed away this morning at his home in Killarney, Ireland,” read a statement posted to his Twitter account. “A beloved singer, songwriter, author and musician he was 57 and is survived by his wife Shelley. No other information is available at this time. The family asks everyone to respect their privacy at this time.”

    The American singer, born and raised in rural eastern Washington state, had survived a battle with Covid-19 that left him in and out of a coma for months-long stretches of 2021. His memoir Devil in a Coma, published last December, detailed his tortuous near-death experience, which included a Covid-induced fall that cracked ribs and a painful hospital stay laced with recurring hallucinations.

    “More and more this was reminiscent of an unending stretch in county jail that I couldn’t shake, with my trial date being intentionally undetermined, constantly moved around just to keep me inside,” he wrote in an excerpt published in the Guardian. “Whatever was in this shitwagon I’d caught a ride on, it was no *****ing joke. I’d taken my share of well-deserved *****-kickings over the years but this thing was trying to dismantle me, body and mind, and I could see no end to it in sight.”

    Once a long-time drug user and friend of Kurt Cobain, Jeffrey Lee Pierce of the Gun Club, and Alice in Chains’s Layne Staley – all of which he detailed in his 2020 memoir Sing

    Backwards and Weep – Lanegan was called “rock’s great survivor”.

    By 12, according to his memoir, he was a “compulsive gambler, a fledgling alcoholic, a thief, a porno fiend”. By 18, he had a lengthy criminal record which included breaking and entering, shoplifting, drug possession, vandalism, insurance fraud and 26 counts of underage drinking. “I wanted excitement, adventure, decadence, depravity, anything, everything,” he wrote in Sing Backwards and Weeps. Lanegan had been clean for more than a decade at the time of his death.

    In 1985, at age 21, Lanegan was working for a video store in his hometown of Ellensburg, Washington – what he described as a “dusty, isolated cow town” – when he formed a band with his boss’s sons, guitarist Gary Lee Conner and bassist Van Conner.

    The Screaming Trees would go on to record seven studio albums before their breakup in 2000, and rose to fame as part of the grunge movement of the early 1990s centered around Seattle. (An eighth album, Last Words: The Final Recordings, which was recorded in 1998-1999, was released by drummer Barrett Martin’s label in 2011.)

    Lanegan also embarked on a solo career during the peak of the band’s fame. His 1990 solo debut The Winding Sheet included appearances from Cobain and Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, and numerous grunge figures appeared on subsequent releases Whiskey for the Holy Ghost, Scraps at Midnight and the collection of covers I’ll Take Care of You.

    Langean wrote his 2020 memoir at the encouragement of close friend Anthony Bourdain, the celebrity chef and TV host who died by suicide in 2018. Lanegan penned an obituary for Bourdain in the Observer.

    “Anthony said, ‘There needs be a level of honesty beyond what you’ll be comfortable with for it not to be some crappy rock autobiography,’” Lanegan told the Guardian in 2020. “That was the last thing I wanted to do, ever. This might sound ridiculous, but if it’s not literature, I didn’t want to do it.”

    Numerous musicians, many from the rock scene, paid tribute to Lanegan in the wake of his death.

    “Mark Lanegan rest easy mate. A real singer,” tweeted British post-punk duo Sleaford Mods. “Oh no. Terrible news that Mark Lanegan has left us. Safe travels man – you’ll be missed,” tweeted musician Tim Burgess of the Charlatans.

    “I am in absolute shock, a very beautiful soul has left this world. I love you brother,” tweeted friend and fellow musician Anton Newcombe.

    The English musician Damon Gough, who uses the stage name Badly Drawn Boy, tweeted that news of Lanegan’s death “properly stopped me in my tracks. I’m absolutely gutted. Met him on a couple of occasions and I was nervous because I loved him so much. He was a perfect gentleman, really kind. One of THE great singers of the last 30 years.”

    Lanegan was “a supremely gifted performer, songwriter, artist and author, and we are devastated to hear he has passed away,” his UK publishing house, White Rabbit Books, said in a statement posted to Twitter. “His art will endure and only grow in stature.”

    Lanegan is survived by his second wife, Shelley Brien.


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