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  1. Thinking about it as I typed it I don't think it'll be an issue, because all I'm really doing is changing the signal flow... but still. Advice or experience welcome.
  2. Heeeeeyyy, I have a question for y'all. Thinking of picking up a small MIDI keyboard to bring to work (I'm blessed with downtime and privacy). My satellite setup is a nice laptop and a Focusrite Saffire 2i4. My concern with getting a directly connected USB keyboard is that the additional processing required to take in the MIDI data will mess with the Saffire, since it's already got its own MIDI inputs. I could have this backwards, the USB3 connection might actually provide faster response time than the old school Saffire, but wanted to throw it out there and see what people think. Thanks!
  3. I forgot to post any type of update! So... after I plugged in the external (Scarlett 2i4, my "little" converter), it worked fine. But strangely, when I tried to run CbB again without the Scarlett, it STILL worked fine. It almost seems like the presence of the Scarlett made the internal soundcard feel like such a punk that it went back to school.
  4. Well in that case, I'm proud to contribute. :)
  5. Folks, I appreciate your attempts to help me navigate what turned out to be a total brainfart. Get this. After nearly 2 decades working in DAW environments, I forgot to plug in an external sound card of some kind. Plugged in my Focusrite and the problem is 100% solved. Is there any way to delete a post out of embarrassment?
  6. Hello. 15 year Cakewalk user, mostly happy with CbB. I just picked up a new laptop, Dell G5 series, 6 cores at 2.6 Ghz, 16 MB RAM, dedicated graphics card, SSD, etc. 9th Gen Intel i7 processor. In CbB and ONLY in CbB, any mouse movement tracks fine on the screen but a mouse click has a solid 3 seconds delay before response... for example, if I click on the timeline it'll take 3 seconds for that click to register and move the cursor. It's a brand new install. I'm having a hard time believing it's the machine. Any ideas?
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