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  1. Totally get it - like I said, long-time user, seldom poster. I actually worked there in another life. BTW, Chris B. says hi.
  2. Yeah, I skipped X3, I think. I'm actually surprised I never ran into this before! Anyway, thanks so much. And I'll try to post something in the right place next time I have an issue.
  3. This was exactly it, thank you! In almost two decades of using Cakewalk DAWs I'd literally never come across this problem before, or even had a compelling reason to pull down that menu. Thanks again.
  4. Here's one of many songs I've produced, in Cakewalk. I've recorded dozens of records for my own projects and others, in Cakewalk, not that it matters... In my experience, people come to help forums because they've got an issue that they think might be easily fixed by interacting with other people, which is what I did, and in my case it was a simple part of the program I'd never had to deal with before, and someone quickly and easily pointed it out. *shrug* Fun side note: You were wrong, it was a setting in the synths that I'd never dealt with before. But still, I appreciate your suggestion. Not sure where the attitude comes from, but it's on an awful lot of your replies in these threads, and it's a shame that it's manifesting in a help forum. Hope you like the tune. https://youtu.be/e7kfr_LWvtc
  5. appreciated, and sorry if I'm posting in the wrong area. Long time user, seldom-if-ever poster.
  6. thank you, that's how the inputs are set - outputs are simply routed to the corresponding synth. I'll look into this as well.
  7. Thank you, I'll check this out! It's a new issue, and I've been using Cakewalk products for about 19 years.
  8. I've been recording and releasing music made with Cakewalk products since 2003, so while I appreciate the advice, the attitude really isn't necessary.
  9. This is a huge problem, hopefully someone has figured out the solution. I'm setting my MIDI input on new tracks to just the controller (Oxygen 88, in my case) and when I start to record a new synth performance, MIDI data from *other MIDI tracks on other instruments* is being automatically printed into the new MIDI track. Obviously this is a terminal issue. I can't be laying down a drum pattern and have the nice atmospheric synths triggering different drums on playback unless I go in and meticulously erase every note that was somehow imported from the other tracks. Anyone else having this issue?
  10. Thinking about it as I typed it I don't think it'll be an issue, because all I'm really doing is changing the signal flow... but still. Advice or experience welcome.
  11. Heeeeeyyy, I have a question for y'all. Thinking of picking up a small MIDI keyboard to bring to work (I'm blessed with downtime and privacy). My satellite setup is a nice laptop and a Focusrite Saffire 2i4. My concern with getting a directly connected USB keyboard is that the additional processing required to take in the MIDI data will mess with the Saffire, since it's already got its own MIDI inputs. I could have this backwards, the USB3 connection might actually provide faster response time than the old school Saffire, but wanted to throw it out there and see what people think. Thanks!
  12. I forgot to post any type of update! So... after I plugged in the external (Scarlett 2i4, my "little" converter), it worked fine. But strangely, when I tried to run CbB again without the Scarlett, it STILL worked fine. It almost seems like the presence of the Scarlett made the internal soundcard feel like such a punk that it went back to school.
  13. Well in that case, I'm proud to contribute. :)
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