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  1. I got it - it's "Aim Assist"
  2. Arr . . . I hit something and accidentally turn this vertical line on to display "now" down across the tracks in track view. How do I turn it off? Thanks!
  3. Apparently, there is a new setting in Cakewalk that has changed how notes are inputted or edited in Staff View(?). Every time I enter a note or try to edit it by sliding it up or down, it moves to the start of the measure. Is there a way to change or turn off this setting?
  4. The audio wave file renderings now have "edges" on them - how do i turn them off?
  5. Actually - problem solved: it was an issue within FabFilter.
  6. It appears that a recent update to CWB has changed how VST presets are accessed. Now, every time I open a VST and try to load a preset, it defaults to: C:\Users\USER\Documents\VST3 Presets\[VST name] However, I keep my collection of presets elsewhere. So now, EVERY time I open a VST and search for a preset, I have to navigate from one folder to another. It used to just to default to open in the last folder chosen. Is there any way to SET the VST presets folder and just leave that in place?
  7. I don't know if this is yet in the planning - or if there is some obscure setting I haven't found yet, but . . . it sure would be nice if we could adjust the system font type/size within the track view and other places. Should I make a formal feature request for this?
  8. Is anyone using Studiologic SL Mixface with the current version of Cakewalk? Any problems or issues? Thanks!
  9. And here's the other half of the mystery: apparently Cakewalk is "reserving" certain kind bindings, and my precious "W" has been reserved for something else now. I'll have to use another key, but years of choosing "W" to stop and rewin - that's a hard habit to change.
  10. Ah - that's what I thought - the double arrow S is a new display. Yes, I would like the option to turn it off as well.
  11. Cakewalk users – I need your help. The recent software update seems to have changed some of my default settings and made a few new mouse symbols/icons appear – confusing me confusion, etc. I just want to return to my earlier settings. The big thing is that – when I hit my rewind button – the song returns to start and then keeps playing. I just want it to stop and return to start. Also, when I move the mouse above the tracks in track View, I am getting some funny icons/symbols appear that weren’t there before. Where are the settings to turn these off, etc.? Thanks!
  12. Cakewalk has options within each plugin to upsample on play and/or rendering. It also has a global button ("2x") for global plugin upsampling. Please clarify: do all of these button/settings have to be checked/turned on in order for upsampling to work? Will the global only turn on/off plugins with the upsampling option check (enabled)? Thanks!
  13. Thanks - these are Sound Toys plugins - so I think they are VST-3 and have the on/off switch. But they are on a bus - there is no record button. How would I record the on/off action?
  14. Hi Cakewalk users, This is not normally something that I do, but I want to be able to turn on/off a plug-in effect on a bus - recording the exact time using automation. Is this possible? If so, how would this be done? I am trying to turn on a vocal delay for the last word in a verse, but I then need to turn it off again again a few seconds later. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi - I'd like to request the feature of being able to select and move/slide tempo changes using the Tempo View, etc. As one works on songs/pieces, in some cases, extra measures are added to the composition, and whole sections with tempo changes have to be moved, etc. Thanks for your consideration!
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