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  1. Thanks - these are Sound Toys plugins - so I think they are VST-3 and have the on/off switch. But they are on a bus - there is no record button. How would I record the on/off action?
  2. Hi Cakewalk users, This is not normally something that I do, but I want to be able to turn on/off a plug-in effect on a bus - recording the exact time using automation. Is this possible? If so, how would this be done? I am trying to turn on a vocal delay for the last word in a verse, but I then need to turn it off again again a few seconds later. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi - I'd like to request the feature of being able to select and move/slide tempo changes using the Tempo View, etc. As one works on songs/pieces, in some cases, extra measures are added to the composition, and whole sections with tempo changes have to be moved, etc. Thanks for your consideration!
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