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  1. Maybe you switched “presets” on the keyboard. There are about 5 presets, hou should be using the first one for daw integration to work properly. Or you can try a factory reset.
  2. Now CbB becomes a serious contender for media/orchestral composers! Score editor improvements would be nice.
  3. Nautilus is actually pretty awesome 😎
  4. Yeah, I think rack extensions got introduced back in version 7 or 8.
  5. It's working fine in the Lite version
  6. I just realized the DAW version has 8 tracks max... BUT it has unlimited mixer channels! So you can still use one track fro drums while sending all the outputs to their own channel and still have 7 other tracks!
  7. Hey guys, so I managed to install Reason Lite 11.2 alongside 11.3, which gives you way more devices in the daw version while maintaining access to the plugin. I installed 11.3, then I deleted the .exe file from the Program Files folder (and the desktop shortcut), and then I installed 11.2 You can download 11.2 here: Windows Mac
  8. I think you get a lot for free. Monotone is really awesome, and the reverb and Scream 4 are also great. You can also get all of the free rack extensions, which add a couple of nice synths and some cool effects., and you take advantage of the deals to buy some of their paid rack extensions.
  9. You can install them side by side as one is version 10 and the other is 11.
  10. Anyone tried it? Is it any good?
  11. I agree with most people about the annoyances. Not that they'll eve change the policy though.
  12. thanks. The thing is they're not even overlaping. I trimmed the previous clip a bit but it still happens
  13. What says on the title. I have the arpeggiator and input quantize engaged. The previous clip ends exactly at the beginning of the new bar where the punch in is. If I play the note before the punch in, it doesn't register. If I play it after it will be recorded, although it won't make a sound. Any setting to fix it?
  14. I'm having some issues with the arranger track. I recorded some midi and created an arranger section. If I move, copy it, or suplicate it, it doesn-t move the track content with it. If I define the section as a section type everything works fine. Is this by design? EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out!
  15. Thanks, I actually messed with the colors in preferences and the numbers showed up again. Is there any way to reset the colors?
  16. I made the bar numbers disappear from the time ruler somehow. Can't find anything in the reference guide so I guess it's a bug? Also, Cakewalk is installed diretly in my C drive, don't know if it was like that before or it's an Early Access thing. I also had a crash with my Nektar Impact LX25+ contoller. I tried to find the crash dump but I didn't find the "Minidump" folder where it's supposed to be.
  17. Hi, I noticed that Cakewalk installed in the root folder of my C drive. Is there a way to change it? And is that by default?
  18. Thanks for the update! The new plugins are appreciated but is there a possibility to make the UI's larger? They look very small on my 1080p monitor.
  19. I would like to use the mousewheel to change track height. This is very useful! Also there's a bug with the vertical zoom tool. If there's any track selected besides from the first one, if you click and drag down and back up, you end up all tracks hidden above the visible area so you have to scrool up again. Thanks!
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