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  1. I’ll check tonight and report back. Thanks a lot for chiming in.
  2. If anyone has an extra code I can trade for Pulsar Smasher 😁
  3. Yes, REAPER is powerful but I just can’t gel with the interface (beyond skins). I’m always customizing it instead of making music. It has a massive windows focusing problem and the input quantize function is broken in many ways. The piano roll never focuses on the notes that are there and it doesn’t remember the zooming when you re-open it. I also REALLY hate the fact that the developer feels the need to shove his political opinions down the users throats. Cakewalk, with its relative deficiencies, is much better for me in terms of usability. Studio One is nice but couldn’t gel with the UI. IMHO, YMMV, yada yada...
  4. Drumatic 3 is a drum synth, and the best free one there is. Hard to find alternatives. And if he’s having problems the correct attitude should be to try to find the cause in case it is Cakewalk’s problem so it can be solved.
  5. My brother had the same problem on his new and very powerful machine.
  6. I guess it’s time to start using Bandlab! I can see how it could be useful at least for recording demos on my phone and then opening it up in CbB. It would be cool if we could also access the loops and sample material from here as well. There’s some quality stuff in there and I’m not able to download from the Assistant app.
  7. Is there a way to copy and paste tempo track envelopes?
  8. Right-click on the header of any prochannel module and choose one from the Insert Module option.
  9. Wait a bit and tried re-downloading. It took a while to propagate to my corner of the world too.
  10. Just tried with the new installer and I'm getting the same issue. EDIT: My bad, I was using the old installer.
  11. Great update! Automation improvements are very welcome! I imagine this was a lot of work, hopefully this will pave the way for an even more robust automation system in the future. IMO this is the area where CbB lags the most. Will test tonight!
  12. KaoX into price offer 99€ instead of 179€ until May 15th, 2021 https://www.xils-lab.com/products/kaox-p-168.html
  13. God bless you, Larry, and everyone who contributed. May he rest in peace.
  14. Between all of the freebies they have and the channel strips they’ve given away at certain points in the past I have a pretty nice collection now 😑
  15. Can I use my v4 amps in the v5 plugin?
  16. Could also use a code if anyone got a spare one. I could trade Audio Assault Grind Machine 2 for it.
  17. A few of the products are free again!
  18. Thanks to Spitfire for forcing all these developers to offer free libraries
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