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  1. YES! That was it. Have no idea how that was even turned on. Thanks very much reginaldStjohn 😎👍
  2. I'm finishing up a mix for someone and went to enter write mode so I click on the "W" and the fader moves from say 0 to -10. This is happening in the busses (that's what i thought at first) when I click "W" on the regular tracks they also move to a different postion on screen and on the VS700. When I try to do automation it drawt the line but levels aren't changing and the fader on screen or VS isn't moving either.
  3. I can recreate this problem over and over and get crash dump files as well.
  4. Greetings ALL!, I have a bunch of project templates from the ones included plus the ones I've made on my own with all the settings I usually use set and ready. I can load all templates that are 24 tracks and under. For some reason it will no longer load any templates that I created which are 32, 40 & 48 track templates. I thought it was something with one of the updates so I recreated the 48, 40 & 32 track templates but they too will not open after I saved and closed. Below are screen shots of two different times trying to open. They will both go that far and no further. It will open projects that are 40 or more but not templates.
  5. I actually found the dll's on my win 7 laptop, copied and pasted them in and plugs working again.
  6. So I have the bundle that came with Sonar it works on the studio PC no problem. I have new laptop and want to put them on there as well so I can mix on the laptop for mobility. How do I get them to work there, I've copied them over but looks like I need an installer?
  7. I think it's one of the best out there free or not, the only thing now is that when any manufacturer of hardware creates something they never consider cakewalk, it's like it doesn't exist anymore for them.
  8. Thanks very much guys, looks like that was it. 😎
  9. It looks like it's the CA-2A in the pro channel, when I turn it off, no dropouts, when I turn it back on random dropouts in different places and you can see the metering drop down on that channel as well.
  10. So I rebuilt my computer and of course had to move from win 8 to 10. Had a hell of a time getting the VS and the focusrite saffire liquid 56 to work. Anyways I found the VS hack and successfully got it working and the focusrite too. I have a problem where tracks will go silent for a second while playing. Is anybody else who did the hack for the VS experiencing dropouts in playback? I really don't want to but it's looking like I might have to move on to supm else. (as in i/o and controller)
  11. When you high light 2 or more tracks and place your mouse where you want to make the cut pressing the "alt" button scissors come up, left click on mouse only the track you have the scissors on cuts and the other ones don't. Hope that clarifies.
  12. Since last few updates when I hi-lite a few tracks to cut the only one that cuts is the track I cut with the mouse not all of the hi-lighted ones as it did before. I'm assuming (or making an ***** out of u and me) that there's a setting somewhere to let this happen as it used to?
  13. even after restart this continues? Maybe you need to do a defrag and see.
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