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  1. Excellent, thank you very much got them all working now. It was set to MME, once switched to UWP the 3rd one showed up. I think that's reverse of your instruction but either way it's working 💖
  2. Ok cool, I'm on the latest update so I assume it must be the latest.
  3. Greetings ALL, I've been using this unit plus an EXT (extender) for about a year now and they work great. I just picked up the 2nd Ext G2 and for some reason it won't connect to Sonar. It shows up in Control Surfaces as "Mackie Control XT-2" but in midi devices there are 3 inputs for the controllers and only 2 for the output and I'm assuming this is why it's not working like the other two. Any ideas of how to get around this? (and I did have the 3rd one checked during setup before I took the pic)
  4. I'd like to roll back but it's telling me I need 2022.02 Should I just reinstall an old version?
  5. thanx scook! Isn't this gonna roll me back too far? ----> it's from the link you posted i see no roll back 2022.06
  6. I'm looking for the link to roll back to previous install. Since update I've received files for 2 projects that were already in the works. Both projects they added instruments or vocals later. When I add these files to the projects and line them up in sync all is good until I press the stop button and then they (the later added files) are no longer in sync. I thought they may have been recorded at a different sample rate but it looks like we are all at 44.1.
  7. At least I now know it's possible. When I press flip the rotary encoder for panning turns into the volume knob while the faders turn into panning, but the numbers do show up on the lcd, just gotta figure out how to flip it the right way now.
  8. @John Nelson That's how mine is set and doesn't work on the Qcon Icon G2, I asked them about it and they said it was the software (cakewalk/sonar/cbb)
  9. is there a way to get volume level to show on the controller (mackie mode)? info shows up on panning (lcd screen of controller) but not the volume.
  10. I'm now able to save and it's saying it's activated, I didn't do anything so I can't report how or why .
  11. I tried most of that, When I refresh it say you cakewalk activation has been refreshed and then the red thing pops up again saying not activated.
  12. refreshing activation doesn't work.
  13. I had to do a fresh install, which I did a couple weeks ago. I'm now getting the RED warning that "Cakewalk experienced a problem with activation. Please contact support. (20) When i click contact support it goes to the old website. So how can we fix this?
  14. got my g2 yesterday, can't update the firmware, had to put a ticket in as others have the same issue. Has anybody got that custom mackie control dll file? The link that was there is now gone.
  15. False alarm... it's back again. I'm getting major dropouts even in playback now on my studio pc. When I put the same project on the laptop everything is fine, this one is very difficult to narrow in on.
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