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  1. got my g2 yesterday, can't update the firmware, had to put a ticket in as others have the same issue. Has anybody got that custom mackie control dll file? The link that was there is now gone.
  2. False alarm... it's back again. I'm getting major dropouts even in playback now on my studio pc. When I put the same project on the laptop everything is fine, this one is very difficult to narrow in on.
  3. awesome, waiting for mine to arrive, I also ordered the platform nano air for when I'm travelling or can continue to work upstairs or anywhere.
  4. I just ordered the Qcon G2 with an extender as well, can't wait to get into it and retire the vs 700
  5. Took a few weeks but I think I solved the issue. It made no sense, after removing a ram module the motherboard went crazy and I got locked into the bios and couldn't get out. Had the motherboard replaced and the prob was the same (locked in bios). The Bios had to be rebuilt. I thought it must be the ram and was ready to drop at least 500 on 64gb but then I copied a project to different drive (C) and tried everything as I normally would and had no dropouts whatsoever. Did that a few more times and all was good. Instead of buying ram I bout another M2 drive and made that my main drive for CWB tasks. So it looks like there's a prob with the ssd drive I was using before. All the files are good only when I went into mixdown would the problem happen. I wonder if I can format that (bad) drive and all be good with it again to use for something else or is about to die.
  6. same guy also wrote this after it returned from repair.
  7. been watching vids on it and this one gives me a little concern. His unboxing and review was great, he loved everything about it, the next vid he found that (with studio 1) that the pan knob values didn't show on the unit until you pressed flip, and the 3rd vid I saw from him was nothing but problems, hopefully it's only his unit.
  8. All good with CWB? Guy in vid is using logic.
  9. I installed Sonar Platinum from the "My Products List" after that I was able to download concrete limiter and any other plugin I had there as well. After that they showed up in CWB
  10. went to my old cakewalk account to download concrete limiter to put on my laptop and the one that's there is coming up that I need an earlier or another version to use this patch. How can I get the concrete limiter again? My serial and activations numbers are there as well.
  11. Thanks Will, I tried that and it told me The installer needs 2021.04
  12. How can I roll back to previous version? I need to check so I can try and narrow down this problem I've been having with Exports as nothing I've tried has worked at all.
  13. nothing muted all tracks selected. I'm baffled, this makes no sense. Tomorrow I'll create another same track with "save as" and delete everything I've done and starting adding one thing at a time and see if I find anything.
  14. That seems to be even worse, it creates just over a minute of silence (flat line) in the song. Gonna try a couple more songs to see if I get the same result again.
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