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  1. Thanks, scook. I've been looking for an actual email account to send to for an hour. I guess I should have thought to try the obvious,
  2. I own Sonar. I recently bought a new computer. I don't have my password for Cakewalk Command Center so I cannot install Sonar on my new machine. When I use the Cakewalk site, I go to the "Forgot Password" page and send a password reset. It doesn't complain my email is incorrect and says a reset email was sent. No email arrives. I know this is the correct email, as I still have my purchase receipt and initial validation email at that email address. Also, when I try another email address it complains it is an unknown user, but not with this one. The email is not in my spam box or junk email. I can send other emails to this account fine. On the Cakewalk site, if you click all the way through Email Support it ends up at an "Under Construction" page. The original Cakewalk forums are down, eventually found this, then had to sign up for BandLab just to post this. This is really, really poor and I'm frustrated, considering I cannot use a product I have paid hundreds of dollars for. How do I recover my password? Help.
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