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  1. Hmmm... I'm finding that while other projects load the UVI fine I still can't use the other edit parameters in Synth Anthology 2 besides OSC. As I noted before when I click on the other edit menus, EDIT, STEP, LFO etc. nothing happens. So it's still not working quite right. At least it plays the loaded sounds properly. EDIT - I think someone else mentioned this - if I click on the Edit or Effects buttons to the right of the Part number THEN the edit parameters work. Weird, but a workaround.
  2. Noel, I don't think they offer a VST3 version yet. I downloaded the latest version of the UVI Workstation (dated late last year) and its VST2.
  3. Interesting issues with the GUI. As I said before when I was running the UVI in Sonar X2 in Windows 10 I had NO problems. Noel, I will share the .cpw file that I was having an issue with later today. I seem to have no problem opening some other old sequences and having the UVI work okay. Will keep opening other .cpw files that used the UVI Workstation and see how they go.
  4. Interestingly I opened another older project that used the UVI Workstation loaded with Synth Anthology 2 and it worked fine! So something about that particular project was the issue. Thanks to everyone for their input and help!
  5. I'm running Windows 10, Build 17763. I just created a new project and opened UVI Workstation and loaded a Synth Anthology 2 patch. IT WORKS! So you're right - some issue with that project I called up (Diverti.cwp) although the other VST work fine in it. ????? Go figure - There were 2 tracks routed to the UVI so I guess I'll have to reassign to some other VST or import the MIDI data into a new project that can load the UVI. Thanks for your help, Robert!
  6. Also, the edit buttons on the left aren't working. If I try and leave the OSC screen by clicking on EDIT or STEP or LFO it does nothing. Which leads me to suspect Cakewalk is not hosting the VST properly. I've checked the SoundBanks search path and that's fine (work okay in the standalone). So it's not that it doesn't "see" the sounds. In fact as you see in the screen shot, it loaded them (I have two loaded in Part 1 and 2).
  7. Hi Noel, It'sshowing it's a VST2. So that's why it ran okay in Sonar X2. I get MIDI input showing in the track when I hit the keys of my controller (the little "volume" meters in the track) but no response from the UVI Workstation. Checked the MIDI channels, all match up. As I said, my Miroslav Philharmonik is set up in the same sequence (.cwp file) and it responds just fine to both the playback and MIDI controller.
  8. I'm using the 64-bit version (the newest UVI is only 64-bit. That said, my 32-bit plug-ins are working fine (VB3 for example). It's listed as VST2 (not in the VST3 folder for sure).
  9. JonD, thanks for your response. Yes I know about the .dll. It's in the proper VST folder and Cakewalk scans and finds it. The UVI Workstation .dll is found by Cakewalk and loads the plug-in (saying no errors). But it doesn't work properly within Cakewalk. The standalone does. Robert Bone, glad it works for you in Cakewalk. Used to work for me in Sonar X2. The MIDI channels match up, I had loaded a previous sequence that used the UVI and the Cakewalk channels were set to match how they were on the UVI Workstation. When I play my MIDI controller I get no response, no activity. As I said, I can play other VSTs fine in Cakewalk. In fact, in the aforementioned sequence I loaded I had both the Miroslav Philharmonik 2and UVI VSTs loaded and the MP2 tracks play (and can be played from my MIDI controller) but the UVI tracks cannot.
  10. Wow, the legendary Craig Anderton is responding to my post! Cool! I have the Synth Anthology 2 instruments in the same location as my old machine - C:\Program Files\UVI SoundBanks\*.ufs The UVI Workstation in Cakewalk loads the sounds (or appears to) but they won't play. I didn't get error messages in the UVI stating the sounds couldn't be loaded or found. The sounds will load and play in the standalone version but maybe the pointer in the VST version isn't pointing to the Sound Banks properly? I'll have to check that. One other thing I mentioned was that the UVI Workstation in Cakewalk is screwy in that I can't access the other edit functions if I want to edit synth parameters. The buttons/tabs are there for the deeper edit functions but when I click on them nothing happens. Which leads me to believe Cakewalk is not hosting the UVI workstation properly.
  11. I had Sonar X2 on my old machine and the UVI Workstation worked fine as a plug in. Now in Cakewalk by Bandlab, the plug-in loads (gives no error messages) but won't play any sounds either via the sequence or the virtual keyboard. I did get the new version of the UVI, but neither the old version nor the new work in Cakewalk bt Bandlab. I run Synth Anthology 2 in the UVI Workstation but also have some Falcon presets as well. They won't work either. If I hit the different buttons for various edit functions in SA2, nothing happens so something is screwed up. However, the UVI Workstation DOES run in standalone mode and plays just fine via a MIDI controller. It plays both the Synth Anthology 2 and Falcon sounds. So it seems to be an issue with Cakewalk. As I said, my old Sonar X2 had no problems with the UVI. All my other plug-ins work, IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik 2, VB3, M-Tron Pro, Minimogue, etc.
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